Nurse Practitioner Recommendation Letter Sample

Updated October 18, 2021
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Many employers now deem the recommendation letter an essential part of a nursing job application set.

If they do not require one at the time of the application, they will definitely need it once they have decided to hire you.

Your failure to provide one may end up in you not being considered for the job.

Usually, a nursing supervisor or manager writes a recommendation letter for a nurse practitioner.

It must be remembered that the Nurse Practitioner recommendation letter should not be negative in nature. 

Since it is used to recommend your services to a future employer, it is important that it is full of praises for you and what you can do for your new boss.

Have a look at the following recommendation letter sample for a nurse practitioner to get more ideas:

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Sample Recommendation Letter for Nurse Practitioner

October 18, 2021

To Whom It May Concern

This letter is a strong recommendation for Anna Boyd who worked as a nurse practitioner under my supervision at The Medics Hospital for over 2 years. During her tenure, she has shown both her professional and compassionate side, which is a rare combination of skills.

I have yet to come across an individual who is as serious about her work as Anna is. During an incident with a patient last year, she proved to be invaluable as she saved his life when even the best of doctors on the panel could not.

Her insightfulness and willingness to learn the work assigned to her, and that which she is yet to learn is mindboggling. She always goes the extra mile to help her patients with their problems – both medical and emotional. For this reason, returning patients ask for her services specifically.

It is sad to see Anna move to another city, as I am sure that The Medics Hospital will suffer significantly in her absence. Nonetheless, I wish her the best of luck and recommend her without reservation for any nursing position that she might be considered for.

For any further details about my qualifications, please feel free to call me at (000) 415-7820.


Megan Scott
Nurse Manager
The Medics Hospital
887 East Highway
Beaumont, TX 10938


A recommendation letter serves to provide information on what a candidate’s capabilities are, and what personality traits he or she has.

It should be full of adjectives describing your skills and what you have achieved that can help you secure a new job.

Since most organizations do need a recommendation letter to process your application for a job, it is best to start working on getting one from your supervisor.