Sample Letter of Recommendation for Former Coworker

Updated on September 29, 2018

Writing a recommendation letter for a former coworker is a little different from when you write one for a subordinate.

While the content of the letter may not change much, you have to look at the situation in a delicate manner.

In a supervisory capacity, it is easy to gauge an employee’s work as you are always observing and assessing him.

You might not have the same advantage with a coworker.

And if you have been approached by a coworker with whom you may have worked for some time but haven’t for a while, it might get a bit challenging to look back and remember his good points. But if that particular individual has had a positive impact on you, it might make it easy for you to write a recommendation for him. So the next time you are asked to write a letter of recommendation for a former coworker, look back and reflect on the time when you worked together. Ask yourself a few questions such as these:

• What did the coworker do in the past that earned him commendation or awards at work?
• Was he easy to get along with?
• Did he accomplish anything worthwhile?
• Was he a good leader?

For sure, you must have answered all these questions in your head as soon as you finished reading them. So let us now move on to the next step – the actual letter of recommendation.


Sample Letter of Recommendation for Former Coworker


September 29, 2018


To Whom It May Concern

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Daniel Cliff for Marketing Officer position. I have spent two years as his coworker at Concepts Marketing. Since both of us were assigned to the same projects, I got to know his strengths – both personal and professional.

During his tenure, he was commended continuously by his supervisors due to his positive approach to work. This positivity is in his nature and ability to exercise it always given us exceptional results.

Project SAP, which is considered the company’s most successful one since 2009, was due to his efforts primarily. He knows marketing like the back of his hand and can handle teething problems with ease and perfection.

As an individual, Daniel was a pleasure to work with as he was both pleasant and professional at the same time. He got the respect he deserved from his underlings and was always the first person to be chosen when inducting new employees to the department.

Based on my experience, I recommend him highly for a Marketing Officer position with your company.



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Matt Daemon
Marketing Officer, Concepts Marketing
556 Cortland Road, Salem, NH 23836
(000) 989-9805