A dental assistant, also called a dental hygienist, performs many tasks in dental facility utilizing a special set of skills. If you want to get a job as a Dental Assistant, you need to highlight these specific skills in the ‘Skills’ or ‘Qualifications’ section of your resume.

Needless to say, you must also have a compassionate nature because you’re going into the medical profession.

The following statements and phrases of dental assistant skills are written by professionals to assist you make a perfect resume.


Sample Skills for Dental Assistant Resume

• Adept at preparing instruments and making sure they have been sterilized properly

• Demonstrated ability to schedule appointments and make follow-up calls

• Proven ability to impart knowledge about dental procedures

• Thorough understanding of protocols that govern mixing of fillings

• Able to set-up dental trays and carry out patients tests such as x-rays

• Competent at maintaining supplies and monitoring inventory

• Proficient in differentiating between different kinds of dental instruments (you will pass instruments to the dentist during a procedure – so make sure you know them all!)

• Thorough understanding of dental procedures such as applying suction, mixing compounds, rinsing and clearing

• Proven ability to react appropriately during medical emergencies and help the dentist in maintaining emergency drug kits

• Able to interpret material safety data sheets and record patients’ data

• Well versed in providing education to patients on oral health

• Special talent for preparing invoices and handling receipts