Top 8 Medical Assistant Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: April 28, 2021
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Medical assistants are a vital part of a medical team and are indispensable for physicians and healthcare facilities.

They are required to provide administrative and clinical assistance to a facility or an office and are sometimes even required to manage phlebotomy and x-ray tasks.

The significance of a Career Objective Statement for Medical Assistant Resume

An effective resume objective can help the human resources department send your job application to the right search board and provides a foreword to your expertise and professionalism.

For this reason, an objective section should be included in a Medical Assistant Resume.

Below are 8 sample objectives statements to help you in this regard.

Sample Objectives for Medical Assistant With Experience

1. Seeking a Medical Assistant position with Sava Senior Care using 6+ years of experience in managing administrative work and assisting with basic patient care tasks to provide the best possible care to patients. CNA and BLS Certified.

2. To work for Amway Hospital as a Medical Assistant. Bringing 4 years of hands-on experience in medical office administration, vital signs management, and knowledge of advanced medical procedures to coordinate the smooth flow of facility operations.

3. Seasoned Medical Assistant poised to make a contribution to Caroline Memorial Hospital by providing quality healthcare and clerical services in a highly stimulating work environment.

4. Detail-oriented Medical Assistant looking for employment at ABC Healthcare. Leveraging exceptional administrative, collaboration, and medical assisting skills to improve the overall level of service to patients.

5. Passionate to assist patients at Capital Hospital in the capacity of a Medical Assistant by using extensive experience in medical procedures preparation and thorough knowledge of medical terminology.

Sample Objectives for Entry Level Medical Assistant

6. A courteous and dedicated individual seeking a rewarding position as a Medical Assistant. Employing strong knowledge of patient care tasks along with clerical insight to maximize the efficiency of the facility.

7. Looking for a Medical Assistant position at ABC Care Facility utilizing skills in advanced medical procedures and expertise in administrative tasks to manage the facility’s operations effectively.

8. To make the most of my exceptional patient care, secretarial, and communication skills in the role of a Medical Assistant at Simon Fraser Hospital.