5 Legal Secretary Resume Objective Examples

Updated April 11, 2022
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Legal secretaries work in legal offices where their main job is to provide support to the office in terms of administrative tasks.

While the role of this professional is not much different from that of a regular secretary, they are expected to possess advanced legal knowledge as they have to work in an environment that demands this.

Legal secretaries manage office systems like any other secretary would do.

They manage inventories, and office supplies, take phone calls, maintain schedules and provide information on the office’s services.

However, there is an angle to their job that a regular secretary may not be expected to have – they are supposed to perform research activities for the attorney that they are working for.

This may include looking for precedents and providing articles information that may help an attorney in his case proceedings.

Therefore, it is imperative for legal secretaries to possess knowledge of how legal terminology is used.

These professionals are also expected to type and disseminate legal notices and subpoenas which is yet another reason for them to possess some experience and knowledge of the legal world.

An individual looking for a position in this regard should see the following objective examples to write an effective resume.

Sample Objectives for Legal Secretary Resume

1. Competent, analytical-minded professional seeking a Legal Secretary position with ABC Firm, utilizing research skills along with the ability to manage schedules and appointments in an environment conducive to constant learning.

2. An ambitious individual, looking for a position as a Legal Secretary at Coco Legalities. Bringing the ability to handle confidential data with appropriate discretion and excellence in maintaining a productive work environment.

3. To secure a Legal Secretary position with Attorneys Galore. Offers extensive knowledge of legal terminology and the ability to stay organized at all times.

4. To work for Core Legal Deals as a Legal Secretary, using a solid understanding of legal fee agreements, legal documents, and the ability to manage an office in perfect working order.

5. To obtain employment with Ethics and Legalities. Bringing knowledge of legal procedures in the USA along with an inborn ability to work in an organized manner by employing acute time management skills.