Medical Administrative Assistant Objectives for Resume

Updated on April 25, 2017

Resume objective statements have evolved much since the 90s. Back then, a couple of lines stating why you are interested in a job and how working at an organization will make you all high and mighty, were acceptable. Now, these are considered “self-interested”. The use of the word “I” is not considered a good thing where objective statements are concerned, simply because too much “I” denotes that the applicant is only interested in what he or she will gain from the union.

Objective statements for medical administrative assistant position a little more detailed, do not contain the word “I” and are targeted at the employer. Of course, the employer knows that an applicant wants to earn and grow, so stating it so obviously in an objective will just pull you down. What you should write in a resume objective is your love of the work that you want to do and the various aspects of your work personality that will help you contribute to the organization.

Put in a few fancy words and you can write a rocking objective statement. What you need to look out for though is not to put in anything that comes across as exaggerated or untrue. You may get to the interview stage by virtue of writing such a statement but if it doesn’t ring true, you may lose out at the interview.

Now let’s look at some sample objective statements for the position of a medical administrative assistant:

Sample Objectives for Medical Administrative Assistant Resume

• Patient-focused, organized individual seeking a position as a Medical Administrative Assistant at ResCare using track record of providing exceptional tier-one services through efficient patient registration and patient education duties.

• High-energy professional looking for a position as a Medical Administrative Assistant with Harbor Health Services utilizing experience in performing patient management duties and ensuring provision of health services through appropriate coordination.

• Desire a Medical Administrative Assistant position at Partners Healthcare. Offers skills in scheduling patients to maximize efficiency and provide timely patient care.

• To work as a Medical Administrative Assistant with Landmark Medical Center utilizing expertise in supporting patient and work flow management on a daily basis, aiming to prioritize patient care and comfort.

• To obtain a position as a Medical Administrative Assistant at Iowa Eye and Ear Infirmary. Excellent knowledge of patient scheduling, referral and test tracking functions, summary report preparation and assisting in the evaluation of patients’ medical needs.