5 High-Quality Office Secretary Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: October 24, 2020
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When you write an objective, you are defining your career path – a resume feature that no employer can deny liking. It is easy for an employer to see what qualifications you have in one go through an objective statement.

It also makes it easy for him or her to see which position you have applied for – employers go through many applications for different positions and it is good to help them by writing clearly which one you have applied for.

Many times, a resume objective can be a double-edged sword, making it easy for employers to fill a related position if the actual one has been filled.

So if the candidate is successful in placing information in an objective that contains some relevant experience, he or she is in great luck. On the contrary, if a resume objective is not included, the related position may go to someone else, even if you are in actuality a good contender for it.

Using your Office Secretary career objective statement with discretion is important. There is absolutely no need to “put it all out there”. In fact, you won’t have a lot of space to do this. Make it short and to the point. Like the examples provided below:

Sample Objectives for Office Secretary Resume

1. Highly organized and capable Office Secretary seeking a position at Burger Rehabilitation Systems. Offers a 5-plus-year track record of managing both clerical and administrative ends of the business to ensure smooth operations of the office.

2. Top performing Office Secretary with over 10 years of relevant experience looking for a position at The Montana Reinsurance Company. Bringing expertise in responding to inquiries, handling correspondence, and managing executive schedules, to ensure smooth office operations.

3. Detail-oriented Office Secretary eager to contribute to Tacoma Public School. Offering competency in producing information, routing correspondence, maintaining departmental schedules to manage the office in the most efficient way.

4. Looking for an Office Secretary position with The Cable Company. Eager to apply proficiency in managing periodic agendas, arranging appointments, and preparing and disseminating correspondence to support and facilitate daily operations of the office.

5. To work for Akron Children’s Hospital as an Office Secretary utilizing unmatched abilities to handle patient registrations, follow up on appointments and manage correspondence and insurance liaison, along with developing and maintaining standardized filing and recordkeeping systems.