A cover letter for a medical records clerk position accompanies your resume when you submit your job application materials. It gives a brief summary of you; who you are, what are your skills in medical records management and where your objectives will take you.


➜ Do copy and paste cover letter content from internet or some other source. You should customize your medical records clerk cover letter per requirements prospective employer. Remember that the strongest letters are tailored to individual employers and job descriptions.

➜ Your covering letter should not exceed a single page

➜ Leave the similar amount of white space above and below the body of your letter

➜ Use clear and direct language and quote examples where necessary

➜ Stay away from exclamation points, jargon, exaggeration, or abbreviations

➜ Avoid typographical errors; check your content manually because spell check software sometimes does not catch grammar mistakes.


Medical Records Clerk Cover Letter Sample


21 5th Street
Galesburg, IL 63111
(666) 999-9999
alisha @ email . com

November 12, 2015

Ms. Sara Charles
Deputy Manager Operations
Galesburg Clinic
55 Some Street
Galesburg, IL 63325


Dear Ms. Charles:

I am excited by the opportunity to combine my commitment to provide exceptional customer service with my clerical and recordkeeping skills in the role of Medical Records Clerk at Galesburg Clinic, a position you posted on indeed.com earlier this week. My related work experience and education have enabled me to develop the right skills that this position requires.

I am a strong candidate for this job because I have a demonstrated ability to coordinate the medical record process in the practice; scanning, filing, pulling charts, and copying medical records. My experience includes performing a variety of clerical tasks related to the processing and maintaining the electronic medical record and retrieving and processing of medical information by following pre-defined policies and procedures.

Furthermore, I am highly skilled in maintaining a patient focused environment, supporting the delivery of maximum quality care, sharing an enthusiasm for customer care, and exceeding patient contentment while attaining economic and operational targets. My enclosed resume contains more details about my qualifications and skills.

As an ambitious and experienced medical records clerk, I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss my skills and qualifications and how I would use the same to contribute to Galesburg Clinic. I will call you next Wednesday to confirm receipt of my application. If you need any additional information in the interim, you may reach me at (666) 999-9999 or via email at alisha @ email . com.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting with you soon.



Alisha Michael

Enc. Resume