Medical Records Technician Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: November 10, 2016

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Medical Records Technician Cover Letter Sample


566 West Street
Liberty Lake, WA 85477

November 10, 2016

Mrs. Betsy Milford
Hiring Manager
Universal Health Services
987 Creek Road
Liberty Lake, WA 29374


Dear Mrs. Milford:

I am someone who’s way of life for the last 5 years has been handling medical records in fast-paced medical facilities.

Having worked as a medical records technician for a long time, has instilled in me the skills and capabilities that are required to effectively respond to requests for medical information from different individuals and departments. With such wide exposure, I am aware of just what and how much information to divulge while remaining with the policies, procedures and limitations of HIPPA and Federal Privacy Act that dictate release of medical information.

However, protecting medical records to ensure maintenance of confidentiality is not my only forte. My skills in the following areas have also been quite well-polished:

• Reviewing medical records for completeness, accuracy and compliance with regulations.
• Planning, developing and maintaining a variety of health record indexes and storage / retrieval systems, aimed at effectively collecting, analyzing and classifying data.
• Compiling and maintaining patients’ medical records to document their conditions and correlating treatments.

It would be best if we discussed in person all that I have to offer to Universal Health Services in the role of a medical records technician. I will contact you at the end of the week to see if you have an available time slot when we can meet in person.

Thank you for your consideration.



Rachel Manning

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