4 Medical Records Clerk Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: March 27, 2021

Interviews are not overrated as many of us believe so. They are the final frontier – the stage that tells us that we are or are not good enough for a position.

It is a big mistake to take interviews non-seriously. Many people believe that being called for an interview is synonymous with being hired. Nope! It isn’t!

Being called for a Medical Records Clerk interview means that you have been given preference over many others, but it does not mean that interviewing you is just a formality.

How can you ace an interview for the medical records clerk position? There is a lot that you can do to make your success obvious. The first and foremost is making sure that you prepare beforehand.

Looking for possible questions that you may be asked on the morning of the interview will be of no good to you.

Extensive research before your interview is what will save the day for you. Delve deeply into what the work is all about. Make sure that you know the organization inside out and understand what makes it tick.

You will be tested on various points, and all of it will be targeted at getting to know you, both as a prospective employee and a person. Do not disappoint the interviewer.

For a medical records clerk position, you may be asked some or all of the following questions.

Medical Records Clerk Interview Questions and Answers

1. Medical records keeping can be quite cumbersome. Many times, hospitals are understaffed. How do you handle extra responsibility on your shoulders?

I believe that extra responsibility only teaches us more skills. And who wouldn’t want to acquire more skills? I am utterly alright with the additional work burden now and then.

2. Why are skills essential in a medical records clerk position?

Medical record-keeping is all about accuracy and organization. One has to be able to classify, index, and store records accurately. A single mistake can lead to significant disturbances in the records management system and eventually cause havoc in inpatient care. One has to be very skilled in handling this work.

3. What do you deem as the most critical aspect of working as a medical records clerk?

Confidentiality is the most critical thing that one has to look for out. We as medical records clerks have access to a lot of confidential information, and we have to keep it that way – confidential!

4. How do you handle the duplication of patient data?

I receive a lot of data from different avenues for the same patient. Some of it I already have, and some of it is new. I make sure that I combine pertinent data from all sources and ensure that any redundancies are removed.

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