Medical Records Clerk Resume with No Experience

Updated on: March 1, 2018

When you have experience in hand, writing a Medical Records Clerk resume is no big deal.

But when you don’t, you might face a little problem in organizing the document.

What does one write in a resume?

Your experience is not the only thing that is going to make your resume a great read. In fact, your skills and qualifications are what adds to the package that is you.

Filling your resume up with skills information, and any related volunteer work that you may have done will do the deed.

Here is a resume sample for a medical records clerk who has had no experience, to help you through:



Medical Records Clerk Resume with No Experience



Jeff Anderson

58 Beach Avenue, Hurron, SD 87252
(000) 524-2510


Highly motivated, resourceful, competent, and thorough medical records clerk, with extensive knowledge of compiling, processing, and maintaining medical records, in a manner consistent with medical, administrative, ethical, legal, and regulatory requirements of the health services system.

• Competent in filing medical documents such as laboratory slips and x-ray slides to current patient charts.
• Effectively able to purge and submit programming documents, resupply forms, and sheets on a monthly basis.
• Qualified to ensure confidentiality of all medical records information and complete forms for release of information.
• Proven ability to prepare periodic statistical reports and other management information system requirements.


✓ Data Entry ✓ Reports Preparation ✓ Statistical Reporting
✓ Information Collection ✓ Patient Index Maintenance ✓ Charts Processing
✓ Information Retrieval ✓ Confidentiality Maintenance ✓ Records Assembling

Hurron High School, Hurron, SD – 2016
High School Diploma

• Awarded Student of the Year award for working diligently, and contributing highly to the school administrative office.
• Chosen to represent the school for 11 tournaments within the State of South Dakota.


Medical Records Intern | 2/2016 – 5/2016
MTC Medical, Hurron, SD
• Organized patients’ records according to predefined procedures, before entering them into the system.
• Ascertained the accuracy and completeness of each document, before it punching into the records management system.
• Assisted in assessing requests for retrieval, and provided support in retrieving information for requesters.
• Compiled statistical data, including admissions, discharges, deaths, and births.
• Posted results of laboratory tests to records, and oversaw the building and maintenance of patient indexes.

Exceptional professional references available