Kitchen Manager Job Description for Resume

Updated: September 14, 2018

Kitchen managers work in restaurants and hotels where their primary responsibilities include overseeing kitchen activities and providing customer services. They are required to manage the operations of a kitchen in terms of managing food supplies, procurement and ensuring conformation to health and hygiene standards.

Kitchen managers ensure that all food is prepared following the standards that govern the establishment’s procedures. They ensure order accuracy and appropriate portions to make sure that customers are satisfied at all times. They also look after all the employees in terms of ensuring that they work in a hygienic manner and following the set recipes.

These leaders are also expected to manage the cleanliness of the kitchen. They ensure that no dirty dishes are lying around and that all surfaces are clean at all times. They also manage inventory and ensure that all stock is adequately maintained so that there is no problem at any time especially where a customer’s order is concerned.

During an event, a kitchen manager is required to manage the details of the event as far as food management is concerned. It is his job to ensure that the food order is made to the specifications of the customer and is delivered in a time efficient manner.

It is the job of a kitchen manager to ensure conformity to standards. This does not only include making sure that the food quality and quantity is maintained but also to make sure that the service that is provided is much above par. Kitchen managers open and close kitchens on time and also keep up with promotions as far as restaurant offers are concerned. Kitchen managers are also involved in the recruitment of kitchen staff and training them as well.

Kitchen managers are required to keep in the budget for everything that they do. They are expected to run a kitchen within the budget requirements while keeping abreast of the needs of the establishment and the customers.


Job Description Statements for Kitchen Manager Resume

• Ensured the quality and safety of food
• Kept the kitchen clean, organized and well stocked
• Maintained equipment and utensils
• Trained and developed crew members
• Promoted teamwork and created a great customer experience
• Accomplished station’s goals
• Monitored food waste and inventory levels
• Resolved food quality issues
• Developed a strong team dynamic between back of house Crew and front of house Crew
• Ensuring the kitchen is adequately cleaned and sanitized