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Updated on March 20, 2019

If you are fully qualified for a legal secretary position and have been applying at various places BUT no success, then one of the following may be true:

  • Your resume is not compelling enough.
  • Your networking is not active.


To address the first issue, you will need to rewrite your resume. Make sure it caters perfectly to the employers’ needs in a professional tone. Whatever they need, mention those skills on the top in an optimized manner.

Remember, relevance is the key to getting your resume noticed. Any irrelevant skill or experience doesn’t need to be mentioned. All you need to do is to develop a targeted version of your resume that is short and compelling.

The second possible issue, networking is also very crucial. To address it, you need to broaden your search for jobs. Try to answer these questions:

Am I applying in the right industry?

Do my social media profiles support my candidacy? Am I applying to enough places?

What kind of jobs can a person with my skills do best?

Here are two resume examples for legal secretary position to assist you writing your own.



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Legal Secretary Resume Sample 1



Veronica Clifford
2110 Derek Drive, Washington, DC
(004) 214-5821

Legal Secretary


Versatile and results-driven Legal Secretary with 11+ years of litigation experience with state and federal courts. Good grasp on trial pleadings and file preparation for court hearings. Commendable skills in filing appeals, processing bankruptcies and preparing legal briefs. Performs varied and complex legal secretarial work efficiently in the office of an attorney or general counsel.


– Correspondence Typing– Documents Transcription– Ordinance Issuance
– Presentation– Docket Management– Calendar Keeping
– Clerical Support– Case Coordination– File Tracking
– Legal Pleadings– Trial Notes– Witness Summoning


•  Reorganized the filing system leveraging effective cataloging strategies that led to a 50% reduction in retrieval time.
• Streamlined the documentation process ensuring 100% case validity.
• Enhanced the overall efficiency of case file preparation by 60% through careful case analysis and effective organization of evidence.


Legal Secretary
ROPES AND GREY, Washington, DC | 2009-present
• Prepare legal documents and assist in litigation project management.
• Perform case related research and compile all researched material.
• Draft correspondence and pleading documents under the supervision of the attorney.
• Prepare legal briefs for filing in appeal courts.

Legal Intern
LEGAL PRACTICE, Washington, DC | 2007-2009
• Answered telephone calls and scheduled meetings.
• Maintained attorney’s calendar.
• Checked legal citations for accuracy.
• Assisted the attorney in brief preparation.


Community College, Washington, DC – 2007
A.S. Criminal Justice



Legal Secretary Resume Less or No Experience


Judith Brent
722 Park Street, Willow Springs, MO 99383
(000) 784-2534 | [Email]

Enjoys taking new challenges in the legal arena

Seeking a position as a Legal Secretary with ABC Law Firm utilizing exceptional clerical skills and knowledge of legal matters to provide active support to the attorney.

• 2+ years’ hands-on experience in the law field
• Highly skilled in providing routine secretarial services to attorneys to ensure sound management of work.
• In-depth knowledge of retrieving information and performing research tasks.
• Proficient in liaising with attorneys, courts, witnesses, victims and other agencies as requires.
• Proven ability to organize and maintain office administration work.
• Excellent command of legal terminology.
• Highly-familiar with briefs and pleading procedures.

• Introduced the concept of the file management system for Acme Legal Services, being run on conventional methods of inventory and file retrieval thereby saving time by 30%.
• Achieved appreciation letter three times.


Legal Secretary | Apr 2014 – Present
• Liaise with the attorney’s office and other agencies including clients.
• Schedule attorneys’ calendar concerning court dates and client appointments.
• Assemble documents and keep a check on pending cases.
• Maintain legal library and perform research activities about cases.
• Gather data for surveys.
• Type legal documents.
• Organize, maintain and retrieve case files as and when required.

Law Clerk | Jun 2013 – Apr 2014
• Performed legal research through manual and electronic sources.
• Assisted attorneys in brief and opinion writing.
• Prepared draft memos.
• Collected and gathered facts and relevant case information.
• Drafted pleadings and motions.
• Assisted lawyers and attorneys in preparing for depositions and trials.

Associate of Arts in Law

“I am known for managing all legal tasks in a time-effective manner.”

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