Top 2 Driver Resume Samples

Updated October 21, 2022
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If you are seeking a driver position, then you will need to build a compelling resume as it is an essential part of your job application materials.

This document helps employers in the selection process.

How to Write a Winning Resume for a Driver Job?
  1. Start your resume with a professional summary statement.
  2. Write details about your licenses, training, and certifications.
  3. List your driving skills and abilities in a separate section.
  4. Keep your resume to the point; that said, do not write unnecessary and non-relevant information.
  5. Add information about your ability to navigate, maps reading/GPS, and knowledge of traffic rules.

Driver Resume Example 1

Kevin Clive
887 S 400 East Street
Payson, UT 55343
(000) 584-7515

Positive Attitude | Professional Demeanor | Hand-eye Coordination

Reliable and safety-oriented Driver with 9 years of hands-on experience in light and heavy vehicle driving. Committed to ensuring the safety of passengers, merchandise, and vehicle at all times. Excellent problem-solver who responds quickly in emergencies. Proven ability to read maps and use GPS systems. Great hand-eye coordination.

Class B CDL with Passenger Endorsement


  • Familiar with city routes, locations, and addresses
  • Able to perform minor repairs on different kinds of vehicles
  • Demonstrated ability to keep the vehicle clean at all times


  • Attained Driver of the Year award by the company for driving one million accident-free miles in 2018.
  • Clean driving record


ABC Company, Payson, UT

  • Safely transport office staff on assigned routes
  • Transport cargo to different destinations
  • Efficiently assist passengers in securing wheelchairs and providing other mobility services
  • Ensure appropriate and timely maintenance of vehicles
  • Provide customer service to individuals as they reach the destination
  • Support loaders for loading and unloading of merchandise
  • Perform vehicle inspection for preventive maintenance
  • Make minor repairs as and when necessary

Delivery Driver
City Cargo – Carrizo Springs, TX

  • Followed maps to deliver the merchandise
  • Obtained valid signature on delivery documents
  • Operated boom crane and other truck-mounted equipment
  • Completed daily truck inspection
  • Maintained the driver’s logbook

Houston High School, Houston, TX – 2004


  • Ability to lift 30 lbs
  • Able to operate a computer and perform necessary arithmetic calculations
  • Flexible schedule; available at nights, weekends, and early mornings

Driver Resume Sample 2

Martin Guilford
290 Classy St
Fairfield, CT 64344
(000) 745-2012

❖❖ DRIVER ❖❖

I offer driving expertise, reliable customer service awareness, and effective time-management skills.

Safety-oriented and dependable Driver with successful driving experience spanning over 11 years. In-depth knowledge of traffic laws, with a clean and accident-free driving record. Recognized for the ability to read, understand, and instructions. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

Current CDL with Connecticut route permit

Luggage Loading | Preventive Maintenance
Best Route Selection | Vehicle Inspection
Map Reading | Record Keeping
Log Maintenance | Oil/Water Level Check


ABC Transportation, Fairfield, CT

  • Reduced fuel consumption costs by 30% through RPM-controlled driving
  • Attained the ‘Most Responsible Driver’ of the year award in 2021
  • Responded to wireless messages and reach destinations timely to pick up and drop off guests
  • Used GPS-based systems for navigation
  • Loaded and unloaded luggage safely
  • Conducted periodic preventive maintenance of the vehicle

Limousine Driver
King’s Limo, Fairfield, CT

  • Enhanced the number of regular route customers by 20% during the first year of employment
  • Demonstrated superior road safety and watchful driving skills
  • Picked up guests from assigned locations and dropped them off at desired destinations
  • Provided information about local hotels if required
  • Maintained records of gas fill as per company policy and guidelines

City High School, Fairfield, CT – 2008

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