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Updated on: February 29, 2024
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Your resume is your first chance to make an impression in the transportation industry.

The Driver Resume Sample page is your guide to crafting a document that reflects precision, safety, and expertise.

Tailored for various driving roles, it emphasizes critical attributes like a clean driving record and navigational skills.

This sample helps you convey your experience and diligence, shifting your job search into high gear.

Let this template steer you toward a professional presentation of your credentials, and accelerate your journey to securing the driver position you’re aiming for.

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Driver Resume Example

John Doe

Licensed and Experienced Class A CDL Driver

1234 Roadway Blvd.
Austin, TX 75001
Phone: (000) 321-9876
Email: [email protected]


Safety-focused and efficient Driver with a stellar record of timely deliveries and a commendable driving history of over 7 years of experience. Expert in navigating diverse routes with knowledge in load handling and efficient logistics planning. Dedicated to compliance with transportation laws and maintaining vehicular excellence for seamless operations.


Cross Country Transport Co., Drivingtown, TX

Class A CDL Long Haul Driver
December 2016 – Present

  • Maintain an impeccable driving record, ensuring the safety of cargo and timely deliveries with a punctuality rate of 98%.
  • Routinely inspect vehicles before and after trips to ensure proper functioning; decreased downtime by 15% due to preventative maintenance.
  • Increased efficiency by optimizing route planning, resulting in a 10% reduction in average delivery time.
  • Lead in customer satisfaction, demonstrating strong communication during deliveries, resolving issues promptly, and securing repeat clients.

Texas Road Logistics, Drivingtown, TX

Delivery Driver
July 2013 – November 2016

  • Managed short and medium-range cargo deliveries, ensuring that all parcels were secured and accounted for, resulting in zero loss reports.
  • Streamlined the delivery process, which led to a consistent on-time delivery rate improvement from 89% to 97% over my tenure.
  • Collaborated effectively with dispatch and logistics teams to manage schedules and address any delays or issues, elevating team performance.
  • Recognized for exemplary problem-solving skills and the ability to navigate through unexpected traffic conditions or route changes.


High School Diploma
Texas High School, Drivingtown, TX – 2012


  • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) – Class A
  • Hazardous Materials Endorsement (HME)
  • Certified in Transportation and Logistics (CTL)


  • Extensive knowledge of DOT regulations and state driving laws
  • Proficient in navigation systems and transportation management software
  • Effective communication skills with dispatchers, clients, and law enforcement
  • Aptitude in conducting vehicle inspections and basic maintenance tasks
  • Physical stamina for long hours of operation and handling cargo up to 70 lbs


  • Lifelong Texan with in-depth knowledge of local roads and interstate highways
  • Volunteered for community clean-up drives and participated in ‘Drive Safe’ campaigns
  • Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Conversational)


Available upon request.

This driver resume sample is for informational purposes only and should be customized to reflect the candidate’s individual experience and local job requirements.

Banner How to Write a Perfect Resume for a Driver Job?

How to Write a Perfect Resume for a Driver Job?

When crafting a perfect resume for a driver position, you need to showcase your ability to safely and efficiently transport goods or passengers. Your resume is a key selling point and following these tips will help it stand out:

1. Start with Clear Contact Information

Position your full name, address, phone number, and email address prominently at the top of the resume so potential employers can easily reach you.

2. Include a Professional Summary

In a short paragraph, highlight your key achievements, years of experience, and the driving expertise you bring to the table. Make it engaging and focused on your most impressive contributions to previous roles.

3. Detail Your Professional Experience

List your work experience in reverse chronological order. For each job, include your title, the company name, and the dates of employment. Under each position, add bullet points that detail your responsibilities and accomplishments, using metrics and specifics where possible (e.g., “Reduced delivery times by 10%”).

4. Highlight Licenses and Certifications

Employers need to know you have the required licenses to legally operate their vehicles. List all relevant certifications, including your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and any endorsements.

5. Focus on Skills

Identify the skills that are important to the job, such as knowledge of driving laws, proficiency in GPS and route management systems, and the ability to perform minor vehicle repairs. Mention both hard and soft skills to give a rounded picture of your qualifications.

6. Education Section

Even though a driver’s role is skills-intensive, do include your highest level of education, as it demonstrates a foundation for learning and growth.

7. Add Unique Sections

If applicable, add extra sections where you can show off additional qualities or experiences that may appeal to employers, such as language proficiencies, volunteer work, or involvement in safety campaigns.

8. References

While you don’t need to list references on the resume, have them prepared in case they are requested during the application process. Make sure “References available upon request” is included if you choose not to list them directly.

9. Keep It Professional and Error-Free

A clean, error-free resume implies attention to detail. Use a professional, easy-to-read font, and make sure to proofread multiple times to catch any mistakes.

10. Tailor Your Resume

Customize your resume for the job you’re applying for, using keywords from the job description. This demonstrates a clear fit for the role.

11. Include A Cover Letter

Always send a Driver Cover Letter along with your resume unless explicitly stated not to. This is an additional opportunity to explain why you are the ideal candidate for the job.

Remember, employers are looking for a driver they can trust with valuable cargo and vehicles. Your resume should portray reliability, professionalism, and a strong track record in the driving industry.

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