2 Driver Resume Samples & Writing Guide

Updated on: July 23, 2020

A driver is responsible for driving different types of vehicles. They need to provide exceptional customer service while ensuring that passengers reach their destination safely and comfortably. Besides excellent map reading skills, the ability to drive carefully is essential for a driver.

If you are seeking a driver position, then you will need to build a compelling resume as it is an essential part of your job application materials. As a matter of fact, this document helps employers in the selection process.

How to Write a Winning Resume for a Driver Job?

  1. Start with a professional summary statement.
  2. Write details about your licenses, training, and certifications.
  3. List your driving skills and abilities in a separate section.
  4. Keep your resume to-the-point; that said, do not write unnecessary and non-relevant information.
  5. Add information about your ability to navigate, maps reading/GPS, and knowledge of traffic rules.

Driver Resume Example 1

Kevin Clive
887 S 400 East Street, Payson, UT 55343
(000) 584-7515


Positive Attitude | Professional Demeanor | Hand-eye Coordination

Reliable and safety-oriented Driver with 9 years’ hands-on experience in light and heavy vehicle driving. Committed to ensuring the safety of passengers, merchandise, and vehicle at all times. Excellent problem-solver who responds quickly in emergencies. Proven ability to read maps and use GPS systems. Great hand-eye coordination.

Class B CDL with P1


  • Familiar with city routes, locations, and addresses
  • Able to perform minor repairs on different kinds of vehicles
  • Demonstrated ability to keep the vehicle clean at all times


  • Attained Driver of the Year award by the company for managing one million accident-free miles in 2018.
  • Clean driving record – No tickets, no points, no accidents.


ABC Company, Payson, UT | 2010-present

  • Safely transport office staff on assigned routes
  • Transport cargo to different destinations
  • Efficiently assist passengers in securing wheelchairs and providing other mobility services
  • Ensure appropriate and timely maintenance of vehicles
  • Provide customer service to individuals as they reach the destination
  • Support loaders for loading and unloading of merchandise
  • Perform vehicle inspection for preventive maintenance
  • Make minor repairs as and when necessary

Delivery Driver
City Cargo – Carrizo Springs, TX | 2006-2010

  • Followed maps to deliver the merchandise
  • Obtained valid signature on delivery documents
  • Operated boom crane and other truck-mounted equipment
  • Completed daily truck inspection
  • Maintained the driver’s logbook

Houston High School, Houston, TX – 2004


  • Ability to lift 30 lbs
  • Able to operate a computer and perform necessary arithmetic calculations
  • Flexible schedule; available at nights, weekends and early mornings

Resume for Driver (Sample 2)

Martin Guilford
290 Classy St, Fairfield, CT 64344
(000) 745-2012

❖❖ DRIVER ❖❖

Bringing sound driving expertise, reliable customer service awareness, and effective time-management skills.

Safety-oriented and dependable Driver with successful driving experience spanning over 11 years. In-depth knowledge of traffic laws, with a clean and accident-free driving record. Recognized for the ability to read, understand, and instructions. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

Current CDL with Connecticut route permit

Luggage Loading | Preventive Maintenance
Best Route Selection | Vehicle Inspection
Map Reading | Record Keeping
Log Maintenance | Oil/Water Level Check


ABC Transportation, Fairfield, CT | 9/2011-Present

  • Reduced fuel consumption costs by 30% through RPM controlled driving
  • Attained the ‘Most Responsible Driver’ of the year award in 2018
  • Responded to wireless messages and reach destinations timely to pick and drop guests
  • Used GPS based systems for navigation
  • Loaded and unloaded luggage safely
  • Conducted periodic preventive maintenance of the vehicle

Limousine Driver
King’s Limo, Fairfield, CT | 5/2008-8/2011

  • Enhanced the number of regular route customers by 20% during the first year of employment
  • Demonstrated superior road safety and watchful driving skills
  • Picked up guests from assigned locations and dropped them off at desired destinations
  • Provided information about local hotels if required
  • Maintained records of gas fill as per company policy and guidelines

ST. PAUL’S HIGH SCHOOL, Fairfield, CT – 2008

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