Legal Secretary Interview Questions and Answers

Updated April 12, 2019

Interviews for a legal secretary position are decidedly challenging to ace. Why?

Because a legal secretary will only be hired following great scrutiny, owing to the need to hire the best.


Law offices need to make sure that their process and procedures are properly managed, so they must hire the most promising candidate.

If you are about to appear for an interview for a legal secretary position, you must make sure that you know what you are in for. Without a doubt, your knowledge and skills will be checked from all ends.

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Here is a set of interview questions and answers for a legal secretary position that you can go through:


Legal Secretary Interview Questions and Answers

How do you handle the stress associated with working as a legal secretary?

To be honest, I wouldn’t call it stress. I would coin it as challenges. Working as a legal secretary poses many challenges. My organization skills ensure that I don’t feel the pressure. I actually enjoy challenges.

What skills do you possess which make you an excellent fit for a legal secretary role?

I know my work inside out which is perhaps my strongest skill. Specifically, I am competent in researching case information, sorting out evidence, and preparing documents.

Moreover, my skills include the knowledge of maintaining attorney’s calendars by scheduling meetings and follow-ups. Also, I am well-versed in obtaining and recording witness statements.

As far as administration is concerned, what specific duties are you capable of performing?

I am competent in handling telephone calls and directing messages. Creating and maintaining case files is another administrative area that I am well-versed in. Also, I possess the capability to produce expense reports.

What is the most challenging part of working as a legal secretary?

I believe that juggling more than one attorney’s calendar makes my work quite challenging.

What is one achievement that you are extremely proud of?

In my present place of work, I have revamped the case filing system, making it 60% more efficient than it was before.

What is the one thing that you want to change in your present work environment?

Even though my present work environment is quite well-placed, I would like to introduce a more efficient research system. I feel that research regarding precedents is not carried out as well as it can.

What are your 5-year plans?

I am extremely interested in legal studies and hope to get a managerial position after 5 years.


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