Laborer Summary of Qualifications / Profiles for Resume

Updated on: September 8, 2015

Summaries of qualifications or profiles for a laborer resume can be a tad overwhelming to write but since they are such an integral part of a resume, we have no choice but to write them.  Most employers take an instant liking to an applicant as soon as they read a qualifications summary that they “talks to them”. Use of words that are close to the employers’ hearts (professionally speaking) can do wonders for your chances to bag the job that you have been pining for.

A common question arises here – is a laborer summary really better than a resume objective? Well, if you are in a situation where experience in a particular field is something that you can brag about, nix the resume objective and write a summary instead. However, if this situation is reversed, you may consider writing an objective instead. Both of them are situation dependent and only the applicant can gauge what to write at the beginning of his or her resume.

Coming to the actual writing part, summaries need to written following a lot of thought. You need to be able to isolate the things that you should not put into a summary and decipher what you can put in one. It is a bit of a struggle initially but quite fruitful at the end.

Following are some examples of summaries of qualifications / profiles for a laborer resume.

Sample Summary of Qualifications for Laborer Resume

• Self-motivated Laborer with 5+ years’ progressive experience in general labor work. Great enthusiasm and determination to provide solid support to tradesmen. Exceptional expertise in operating common equipment, including hand tools and mechanical hoists.

• Physically-agile, careful individual who has a deep insight into working as a laborer on construction sites. Proficient in completing work assignments using industry standards and construction experience. Demonstrated ability to follow directions perfectly.

• Positive, confident and physically agile professional who is capable of working as part of a team and independently by adopting a practical approach. Trustworthy and reliable individual who has solid experience in operating equipment in the support of facility and its members.

• A versatile and enthusiastic individual who has gained extensive hands-on experience in handling general labor tasks, including preparing sites, participating in construction and demolition projects and handling machinery service and maintenance tasks.

• General laborer with extensive and varied experience in providing general support to construction and manufacturing projects in diverse environments. Able to operate and maintain industry-specific machinery and tools and handle inventory requirements.

• Results-driven, highly energetic individual with 10 years of hands-on experience in preparing orders, pulling materials and completing deliveries according to assigned schedules. Safety-minded and a good communicator with exceptionally well-placed proficiency in supporting diverse functions of an organization.