Union Laborer Job Description

Updated on: September 7, 2016

Position Overview

A union laborer is an individual who is hired to handle the demolition of existing structures, and assist in the concrete work of new structures. In essence, a union labor performs more or less the same work that a general laborer does, with some exceptions, depending on his specific places of employment.

Union laborers usually work on full time shifts which can last up to 8 hours – sometimes more. They need to be physically strong and able to move large and heavy objects over vast distances, so it is imperative for them to possess physical strength.


A high school diploma or a GED is sufficient to be considered eligible for this position. Some union laborers may be hired in agricultural environments as well, where they will be required to lay sod, water, fertilize, dig and perform raking duties.

The ability to use manual hand tools such as shovels, and mechanized equipment is imperative if you want to work as a union laborer. Digging holes and moving earth from one place to another will be a constant on any typical work day. You may also be required to work with cranes and other construction equipment, depending on what your specific commission is.

To find out more about the typical duties of a union laborer, have a look at the following list:

Union Laborer Job Description

• Demolish buildings and dismantle forms, along with setting up pumps and hoses
• Remove projections from concrete using a variety of mechanized and hand tools and equipment
• Set up traffic diversion or warning signs and signal oncoming traffic to ensure safety of vehicles and their owners
• Signal operators of construction equipment (such as cranes and diggers) to facilitate alignment, movement and adjustment of machinery
• Dig trenches using spades and other equipment by ensuring that they conform to length and width specifications
• Level earth to fine grade specifications and ensure that extra soil / earth is stored or piled in designated areas
• Mix, grade and pour concrete in appropriate quantities into existing frameworks by following provided instructions
• Clear work sites by removing debris and hazardous materials in a bid to make them ready for construction work
• Transport tools and equipment to / from storage areas or delivery trucks before / after each shift
• Install and remove barricades to provide assistance in ensuring worksite safety
• Clean hand tools on a regular basis and perform preventative and general maintenance on construction equipment and machinery
• Ascertain the safety of all tools and machinery by ensuring that they are kept under lock and key and issued to authorized personnel only