Phlebotomist Resume Profile / Summary Examples

Updated on: September 16, 2015

Some professionals claim that writing a resume objective is not considered proper resume etiquette. Usually, resume objectives state what you (the candidate) want and not what you can give to the employer. To be fair, a resume objective may not be considered such a bad thing if you don’t write a lot of “me” in them. But the best thing to do is to eliminate the objective altogether and replace it with a shiny resume profile or summary.

There are three important parts of a resume profile:

1. Mention experience / education / job-specific skills
Proven ability to do the job is what will catch an employer’s eye. If you don’t have experience in a certain area, do not fret – focus on skills instead.

2. Your specialty or area of expertise
Here, you need to separate yourself from the rest of the crowd – the competition. Look for an advantage over other applicants and point out that you are an expert in the field.

3. Your desire to contribute to the employer
Let us reiterate – resume objectives focus too much on the candidate. Here is your chance to prove that you are actually employer-focused – by writing a resume profile that the employer wants to read. Tell the employer that you are completely focused on contributing to the success of the employer / company.

Sample Profiles / Summaries for Phlebotomist Resume

• Detail-oriented Phlebotomist who has demonstrated expertise in taking blood samples and maintaining their integrity by using specified aseptic techniques. Focused on maintaining the health and safety of samples by ensuring appropriate storage procedures.

• Biological sciences graduate with laboratory and administrative experience in a large medical concern. Used to adapting to a high pressure and tight deadline atmosphere in a laboratory environment.

• A versatile, analytic and hardworking individual with documented success in collecting blood samples from patients of all ages (including babies) and processing them to prepare them for testing purposes.

• Experienced phlebotomist with a solid track record of obtaining, processing and storing blood samples in a safe manner and in accordance to designated laboratory laws. Adept at handling labeling and transporting duties while ensuring specimen integrity.

• Phlebotomist with 5 years of experience in collecting blood samples and preparing them for processing purposes. Proficient in communicating with clinical, medical and technical staff to understand testing needs and following defined laboratory procedures to ensure smooth operations.

• Highly motivated and focused individual with over 2 years pf experience in working as a phlebotomist in a large medical concern. Committed to ensuring appropriate laboratory procedures by handling specimen storage and transportation duties in accordance to specified laws and regulations of the facility.