Construction Laborer Skills for Resume

Updated on: October 27, 2019

Many of us wonder what the secret formula to making employers happy is. The bad news is that there is no secret formula. But the good news is that there is something close to being a secret formula.

What has the potential to make prospective employers salivate with excitement is a combination of skills and values that an individual can provide to them.

For positions such as that of a construction laborer, skills are especially important.

While some skills are universally sought by employers regardless of the position you are applying for, many are job-specific. Construction workers, for example, need to be physically agile; this is the first and foremost skill that they should have – the ability to handle physically demanding work.

Knowledge of building and construction work, materials that can be used and methods and tools of the trade can greatly highlight your resume.

Mention of correlating skills on your resume is extremely important.

You must chart out both personal and professional skills in your resume, even though you do not necessarily have to list them under different heads.

Employers will be concerned with what benefits you can give to them by using the skills you possess or have developed over the years.

Here is a list of possible construction laborer skills that you can put in your resume:

Sample Skills for Construction Laborer Resume

• Well-versed in handling a variety of concrete, electrical wiring, and maintenance repair work in a construction arena.

• Adept at managing trenching, roofing and HVAC installation work activities.

• Special talent for operating and maintaining construction machinery including dump trucks, cranes and lifts.

• Comprehensive know-how of materials, methods, and tools used in the construction and repair or roads, buildings and other structures.

• Exceptional knowledge of equipment, policies, and procedures that must be followed to ensure local and state security operations.

• Familiar with production and processing protocols in sync with quality control, production procedures, and techniques for effectively maximizing construction work.

• Documented success in safely tearing down buildings and removing hazardous materials from job sites to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

• Physical dexterous aimed at lifting and moving heavy materials and tools between work points and working on extended shifts.

• Particularly effective in heavy / highway construction including pipe laying, concrete tending and removal, and traffic control techniques.

• Exceptional hand-eye coordination and endurance aimed at working on small details for long periods of time.

• Competent at mixing construction materials in the right quantity and maintaining construction equipment by following set procedures.