General Warehouse Laborer Cover Letter

Updated on: March 8, 2019

General warehouse laborers do many important things, which is why it is important to write a good cover letter to apply for this job.

However, good cover letters are hard to come by. That is why it is difficult for recruiters to find the right type of people to hire.


General Warehouse Laborer Cover Letter Writing Tips

As a general warehouse laborer, your cover letter should highlight why you feel that you are the best person to hire.

Knowledge of picking and packing items should be highlighted. Also, your expertise in using technology to locate items must be made clear.

When writing a cover letter for a general warehouse laborer position, you must show that you are equipped to handle all areas.

These would include the ability to handle shipping duties, and paperwork.

In addition, your knowledge of maintaining equipment related to warehouse work must be highlighted.

What follows is a cover letter sample for a general warehouse laborer position:


General Warehouse Laborer Cover Letter Sample


March 8, 2019

Ms. Betty Crofton
Human Resources Manager
Alternative Wooden Solutions
1137 Greens Lane
New Philadelphia, OH 37643


Dear Mr. Crofton:

This letter is a keen expression of interest in warehouse laborer job at Alternative Wooden Solutions. I am well-versed in many areas such as picking items, checking them for quality, and packing them properly. Also, I am competent in preparing and completing orders for delivery and pick-up.

Performing inventory controls, and keeping quality standards high in order to keep quality standards high is my niche. In addition, I possess demonstrated ability to discover and report discrepancies.

As a seasoned warehouse worker, I am an expert at using RTL systems to locate items, and can also hand-pick them. Using and maintaining equipment such as pallet jacks and forklifts is also my niche.

Furthermore, I am proficient in keeping neat and orderly records of deliveries and shipments. If you go through my resume, you will see that I have prepared up to 500 shipments in a single shift!

Moreover, I am a physically strong individual who can easily lift up to 50 lbs at a time. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills also make me a good contender to be hired as a warehouse worker at Alternative Wooden Solutions.

I will call you on Monday to find out if you are available to meet with me anytime next week. Should you need to contact me, please call at (000) 999 – 0000.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Trisha Lively

Attached: Resume

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