Caretaker Job Description for Resume

Updated on: March 1, 2021

Often confused with caregivers, caretakers are people who look after and guard property.

Some popular employers of caretakers are residential and office buildings, hospitals, schools, and hotels where the need for handling building security is quite high.

Technically, caretakers are trained people who ensure that a building and all that it holds is secure from outside elements such as burglars and natural events.

Most caretakers are also given the responsibility of handling cleanliness and maintenance activities, especially around the time that other maintenance staff may be unavailable especially during night time.

Some caretakers are actually part of a cleanliness and maintenance staff which is why they are required to perform these activities throughout the day.

Caretakers usually start out their day by performing an inspection of the building that they are responsible for.

They look for signs of graffiti or break-in and take appropriate measures to counter these by reporting incidents to the authorities.

They are required to keep their eyes and ears open for any nefarious activity that may happen in or around the building that they are responsible for and take appropriate measures to deter offenders. Caretakers are also responsible for ensuring that the building and surrounding areas are clean and safe for visitors, customers, and staff.

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A detailed list of duties that are particular to a caretaker’s job is provided below:

Duties and Responsibilities for Caretaker Resume

  • Ensure that buildings are secured from all sides
  • Make sure that grounds and surrounding areas are investigated for possible intruders or nefarious activities
  • Operate and monitor building security and alarm systems
  • Inspect building from the inside and the outside at the beginning and end of each shift
  • Report any incident or potential hazard to managers in an efficient manner
  • Monitor resident compliance with curfew restrictions especially in hostels and residential buildings
  • Oversee activities in and around the parking lot
  • Patrol both interior and exterior of the building periodically
  • Clean premises of dust and debris in order to ensure the safety of visitors and customers
  • Make sure that car parks are free of hazardous materials
  • Ensure that the inside of buildings are cleaned and sanitized in accordance with the rules and regulations of the company
  • Remove graffiti from walls and replace burnt-out bulbs
  • Perform limited electrical and mechanical repair work
  • Ensure that all trash receptacles are emptied and sanitized on a regular basis
  • Clean elevators and stairways and ensure that preventative maintenance is performed on all equipment and tools used for cleaning purposes

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