Building Caretaker Interview Questions and Answers

Updated July 9, 2020

Last-minute preparation for a Building Caretaker interview can do wonders to get a job. Take a look at the following 6 possible interview questions and answers for building the caretaker position.

These sample interview questions, along with good answers, will give you ideas on what to expect in an interview.

Building Caretaker Interview Questions and Answers

1. What degree of responsibility do you need to work as a building caretaker successfully?

The degree of responsibility required to work as a building caretaker is immense – high! This is because an entire building and its contents are your responsibility. The people inside are your responsibility. One mistake such as non-vigilance and you risk lives.

2. What skills does one need to work well as a building caretaker?

What is foremost is being vigilant. You have to keep your eyes open to make sure that no nefarious activities take place. Secondly, one has to know how to perform minor repair and maintenance work on assigned buildings.

3. Tell us of your biggest achievement in the role of a building caretaker.

6 months ago, during a high alert in the city in the wake of recent terrorist attacks, we received an unusual parcel. It was sitting on the steps of the building when I finished my shift and was about to leave. I raised the alarm and quickly called the authorities to take a look. It was a bomb, timed to blow in 30 minutes after it was found. The bomb disposal squad disconnected it 3 minutes before it was due to go off. My vigilance and suspicious nature saved many people’s lives that day.

4. What personal skills does a building caretaker need to be considered eligible to work at this position?

Communication skills are foremost. Since building caretakers are in constant contact with people, it is essential for them to be good communicators. Additionally, they need to possess solid problem-solving abilities and be capable of handling adverse situations in a calm and collected manner.

5. Have you ever been asked to perform a duty that was not part of your job description? How did you react?

I was once asked to double up as a custodian. The shift custodian hadn’t shown up and some important corporate guests were expected. I knew the situation was dire so I did not argue and did what I was told.

6. What additional qualities do you possess that will convince us that you are a good choice to hire?

I am adept at setting up and handling complex building alarm systems and have the physical dexterity to restrain offenders. Furthermore, I am a thorough professional and think of nothing but my work during my shift.