Building security is one of the most important things for any organization. Schools, hotels, hospitals or any other establishment invest a huge amount of money and they need to make sure that their premises and everything within is secured properly. Building caretakers are hired for this purpose mainly. While they perform a lot of security and caretaking services themselves their main work requires them to oversee a team of caretakers in order to ensure that they are carrying out all the duties necessary to handle building security and upkeep.

There is much that building caretakers need to do in order to make sure that the building is clean, well maintained and secured from unauthorized personnel.

If this is your line of work, the following cover letter sample will help you write one for when you apply for a job in a similar capacity.


Building Caretaker Cover Letter Sample


887 Piney Road
Sweetwater, TN 77888

April 7, 2016

Ms. Catherine Turner
The Goodman Group
6 Akins Road
Sweetwater, TN 19273


Dear Ms. Turner:

Owing to the firm belief that a company’s security and maintenance needs are imperative in ensuring smooth work operations, I offer my services as a Building Caretaker to handle both these needs of The Goodman Group. As a methodical caretaker and building supervisor, I am not only familiar with the everyday work of building caretaking but also able to supervise the work of the caretaking staff.

During the time I have worked as a building supervisor with Dominion Inc., I have been actively involved in various building maintenance and security workshops and training sessions for caretaking staff. Particularly, I am well versed in fixing electrical and plumbing problems within a building. In addition, I am adept at painting, housekeeping and grounds maintenance tasks. I firmly believe in the fact that vigilance is the key to handle all potential threats within premises which is why I firmly believe in performing investigations on a regular basis.

I will be happy to provide you with a demonstration of my skills and knowledge in an interview. I will call you after few days to see when a mutually convenient meeting time can be set.



Howard Nelson

Enc. Resume