Car Washer Job Description for Resume

Updated on: March 1, 2021

Car washers are part of the service teams that work in a car service area or business. As their title suggests, car washers are responsible for cleaning and maintaining cars from inside and outside.

They work at service stations and also work in a private capacity. While working as a car washer is a full-time job, many students take car washing projects on a part-time basis in order to earn extra money.

Self-serve car washes may have been the rage in the past decade but nothing works better than actual “hands” washing cars.

There is much that a car washer is responsible for when washing a car; just washing down the exterior is not enough.

Car washers dust cars before they wash them down, ensure that they are soaped properly, and then rinsed using just the right amount of pressurized water.

As a car washer, you will need to understand some important details such as taking care not to let water into a car engine and controlling the pressure of water in order to ward off any damage to the exterior.

You will also be responsible for cleaning the car from the inside and assist in restoring dashboards and seats.

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In order to understand what else will be required of you when you apply for a car washer position, have a look at the following list of duties. These phrases will help you build a strong resume for a Car Washer position.

Sample Job Duties and Responsibilities for Car Washer Resume

  • Hose down loose dirt from the exterior of cars
  • Mix soap solution in the exact quantity needed for washing cars
  • Use cloth and sponges to scrub away stubborn stains or built-up dirt
  • Soap the entire car making sure that soap does not get into engine parts
  • Adjust water pressure in water hoses and rinse the soap off the car
  • Use a dry cloth or electric drier to dry the exterior of the car
  • Ensure that tires are soaped and watered down properly
  • Scrub tires to get rid of stubborn dirt and mud
  • Ensure that the mudguards are cleaned from within the arch
  • Dust and vacuum the interior of the car
  • Dust and wash car mats and ensure that they have dried properly before putting them back in place
  • Remove trash from the car and clean seats and surfaces
  • Ensure that door trims and hinges are cleaned properly
  • Polish and wax both the interior and the exterior of the car
  • Drive cars through the automatic car wash when instructed

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