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Caretaker Job Description for Resume

Often confused with caregivers, caretakers are people who look after and guard property. Some popular employers of caretakers are residential and office buildings, hospitals, schools, and hotels where the need for handling building security is quite high. Technically, caretakers are trained people who ensure that a building and all that it holds is secure from… Read More »

Building Caretaker Cover Letter Sample

A building’s security and maintenance is one of the most important things for any organization. Schools, hotels, hospitals, or any other establishment invest a big amount of money in order to ensure that their premises and everything within are secured correctly. Building caretakers are hired for this purpose mainly. While they perform a lot of… Read More »

Building Caretaker Resume Sample and Template

The term caretaker is self-explanatory; building caretakers are responsible for looking after buildings and related premises such as grounds. They provide surveillance support and ensure the appropriate maintenance of the building. Building caretakers usually work in companies, schools, hospitals, and hotels. Employers prefer that the caretakers they hire have some background in maintenance and a… Read More »