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Updated on May 18, 2018

The term caretaker is self-explanatory; building caretakers are responsible for looking after buildings and related premises such as grounds.

They provide surveillance support and ensure appropriate maintenance of the building. Building caretakers usually work in companies, schools, hospitals, and hotels.

Employers prefer that the caretakers they hire have some background in maintenance and a high school diploma.

There is much more to a building caretaker’s work than mere surveillance. The following resume sample can be used as an example to write your own when applying for a similar position.


Building Caretaker Resume Example


James Hardy
3672D Highway 39 W, Riceville, TN 72891
Cell: (999) 999-9999, Email

Highly accomplished caretaker with 6+ years’ extensive experience in maintaining and carrying out building improvement programs. Positive attitude toward residents with a particular focus on delivering excellence in supervising building caretaking staff. In-depth knowledge of upkeeping buildings and grounds and ensure that all amenities are in correct working order.

● Plumbing● Painting● Electric work
● Security check● Grounds Keeping● Housekeeping

• Introduced a security plan for the office building following previous caretaker’s inability to secure the building
• Conducted several workshops on observing safety practices for the benefit of the building caretaking staff
• Wrote a booklet on enhancing DIY skills for new and existing caretaking staff
• Provided valuable support to the management in placing fire regulations for the office building


Building Caretaker
Nestle Purina, Riceville, TN | 2012-Present
• Ensure that the building is secured at all times from unauthorized entry
• Open, close, lock and unlock office building at the beginning and end of the day
• Monitor CCTV system and set alarm systems
• Check and secure building to ensure that out of hours entry in controlled
• Ensure locking of all windows and doors
• Make sure that firefighting equipment is maintained and ready to use at all times
• Overhaul building and grounds on a continuous basis
• Make sure that light fixtures and furniture are in good working order
• Oversee caretaking staff to make sure that they clean and maintain the building properly
• Ensure that minor repair work is carried out properly

Corporate Management Group, Riceville, TN |  2007-2012
• Cleaned and maintained office building by removing rubbish and debris
• Emptied waste bins and ensured that bathrooms are clean and sanitized
• Cleaned glass windows and doors
• Made sure that the building is secured by placing locks on doors and windows
• Investigated and responded to fire and burglar alarms
• Ensured prevention of vandalism and theft

High School Diploma
Riceville High School, Riceville, TN

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