Head Custodian Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: March 23, 2021
How to Write a Great Cover Letter for Head Custodian Position?

It is true that cover letters for head custodians need to radiate energy and enthusiasm, but raw energy without specifying any direction is useless. Before you start writing your letter, create a relation between your capabilities and the specific role you will be performing.

The following 6 tips will help you write a perfect cover letter for the head custodian position:

  1. Gather more information about the prospective company.
  2. Find out the traits they seek in an ideal candidate to fill the head custodian position.
  3. Think of the recruiting procedure as a lawsuit and plan as an attorney does.
  4. Collect all evidence from your professional experience and training that supports the claim that you are fit for the job.
  5. It is also essential to communicate a long-term commitment to the profession as a custodian.
  6. Since employers don’t like to search for suitable candidates repeatedly, they seek employees who offer commitment.

The following example will guide you further.

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Head Custodian Cover Letter Example

Hannah Jason
543 Nickel Drive
Edinburg, TX 54333
(000) 666-3333

March 23, 2021

Mr. Alan Harper
HR Director
Edinburg Public School
44 Liberty Lane
Edinburg, TX 54333

Dear Mr. Harper:

I came across your need for a Head Custodian, as advertised in the Daily Times. With my strong and diverse custodial background, I am convinced that I would be a valuable asset to your school’s team.

The following are some highlights of my competencies that speak for my potential.

  • Skilled in carrying out routine building and ground cleaning tasks while adhering to high standards of hygiene and sanitation
  • Well-versed in preparing custodial payrolls, absence record, and time cards
  • Demonstrated ability to document and report maintenance tasks required at the premises
  • Familiar with safety protocols associated with power-based cleaning equipment and chemical detergents
  • Able to maintain HVAC equipment
  • Adept at filing and maintaining custodial inventories

I am quite excited at the prospect of joining your team and utilizing my relevant skills for the Edinburg Public School. I work best when I fully understand my employer’s expectations. May I suggest a meeting to establish how my skills could be of use at Edinburg Public School? I will contact you next week to answer any queries and explore the possibility of having an interview with you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Hannah Jason

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