Cafeteria Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Updated on May 18, 2018


Cafeteria assistants have a lot on their plate as there are many duties that they need to perform. Because there is food involved, hygiene issues are to be considered as well.

Candidates applying for this position need to write a cover letter for cafeteria assistant resume that tells the employer that they are a jack of all trades!

The following example will assist you in your covering letter writing process.



Cafeteria Assistant Cover Letter Example



78 N. 5th Street
Shingle Springs, CA 89252
(999) 999-9201
clive.1 @ email . com

May 18, 2018

Mr. John Albert
Senior Manager HRM
Buckeye Union School District
548 Some Street
Shingle Springs, CA 89965


Dear Mr. Albert:

It is with great pleasure that I am applying for the position of Cafeteria Assistant at the Buckeye Union School District. With my skills and experience in meal preparation, customer service and cashiering, I will be able to work effectively for your school’s cafe. Please refer to the enclosed resume which will give you an idea of how I can contribute to the cafeteria of your school district.

I have obtained on-the-job training at my present place of work to perform duties of a cafeteria assistant in the most efficient way. I can handle foodstuff in accordance with sanitary rules and regulations. My skills include; helping the chef with chopping and washing vegetables and meat, making salads and helping with making sandwiches along with preparing salad dressings.

I also have a demonstrated ability to dispose off leftover food safely. Additionally, I have a track record of managing incoming supplies and invoices and maintaining inventory. Moreover, I am highly skilled in the cleaning and sanitation of the cafeteria as well.

As a reliable and proactive cafeteria worker, I would like to meet with you to discuss my qualifications mentioned on my resume. I will be available on my cell phone at (999) 999-9201 all day and will call you after the weekend to set up an interview date.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Clive Owens

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