Hospital Custodian Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: June 29, 2022

A hospital custodian cover letter accompanies your resume and serves as your professional introduction.

Whether you are seeking an entry-level position or are mid-way in your career, always highlight your relevant skills in your cover letter.

The recruiters want to know what you can do for them. Your resume summarizes your past experiences, but a cover letter focuses on the future.

In short, your Hospital Custodian cover letter is your final shot at earning an interview.

Here is a sample cover letter for the hospital custodian job.

Hospital Custodian Cover Letter Example

Lucas Walker
677 South Hemisphere Ave
Newark NJ 89000
(003) 222-1111
lucas_ 1 @ email . com

June 29, 2022

Mr. Harris Willington
HR Manager
Newark General Hospital
Newark NJ 89000

Dear Mr. Willington:

Your recent job listing for a Hospital Custodian position caught my attention because my profile is an exact match for your job requirements.

As a seasoned hospital custodian with more than a decade of relevant experience, I offer exceptional skills in:

  • Cleaning and sanitization of hospital rooms
  • Maintaining clean-up carts
  • Disinfecting and cleaning hospital washrooms
  • Safely disposing of infectious waste as per OSHA guidelines
  • Shift checklist and supplies inventory maintenance

Staying committed to one profession for as long as 11 years teaches a lot. Over the years I believe the job descriptions you have mentioned in your advertisement have become a part of daily routine. I assure you that if hired, your hospital will benefit from my expertise and experience. I assure you that maintaining hygiene and meeting cleanliness standards will become a non-issue for you the day you entrust me with this job.

If you read my enclosed resume you will instantly see that my profile exactly fits your requirements. Known for my professionalism and excellent interpersonal skills I have also been training Hospital Janitors in the past. My previous employers have always benefited from my smart solutions to problems and cost-effective organization and usage of cleaning supplies and equipment.

I offer all these benefits and more to your hospital. Please give me a call at (003) 524-9565 to set up an interview date so we can discuss the prospect further.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Lucas Walker

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