Lead Custodian Cover Letter Sample

Updated on September 10, 2016

A perfectly written cover letter may not necessarily get you a job, but a poorly written one will definitely keep you from getting to the interview stage. One thing to remember about cover letter writing is that there are no “form” cover letters – each letter that you write must be unique and should target the specific employer and position. Employers never want you to repeat the information in your resume – instead, they want you to highlight and expand on your greatest experiences and accomplishments. A couple of impressive examples of both or either will make your cover letter enter the “perfect” category.

Typically, a cover letter creates a link between your resume and the job or company. It is basically used to add to the information that you have already placed in your resume, and to convince the hiring manager that you have the skills and experience to be deemed the best possible applicant for the position that his or her company has advertised. Some of the most important things that a cover letter does include:

• Introduces you to the prospective employer.
• Highlights key information in your resume.
• Emphasizes why the employer should consider employing you, based on your skills and experience.
• Shows that employer that you have researched his or her organization, and that you match the requirements.
• Invites the employer to read the enclosed resume.
• Convinces the employer that you are worth interviewing.

What follows here is a cover letter sample that does all of the above:


Lead Custodian Cover Letter Sample


52 Walker Street
Bear, DE 25114

September 10, 2016
Mr. William Gibson
Hiring Manager
222 Pheasant Way
Bear, DE 44802


Dear Mr. Gibson:

With great enthusiasm, I would like to offer my services as a lead custodian at AECOM. The mission and vision of your company to provide exceptional customer services to each client by making them believe that AECOM is their own, is in direct line with my career objectives. Presently working as a lead custodian at Prestige Maintenance, I am responsible for projecting a spotless (literally) and welcoming image to all customers, visitors and employees – on a consistent basis.

As a lead custodian, I had been responsible for supervising teams of more than 55 custodians at one time, helping them meet their cleaning and maintenance goals daily. By providing work direction, handling scheduling duties and administering core training to custodians working under my wing, I have been highly successful in leading a team that was considered the best amongst all local offices of the company. Owing to my exceptional comprehension of maintaining a high standard of safety and efficiency, and suggesting a “green” method of trash disposal, I was recently awarded The High Thinker’s Award by the Pollution Management department of the State of Delaware!

I will telephone you within the coming week to discuss how I can contribute to AECOM in the role of a lead custodian. Until then, I can be reached at (000) 142-7454 if you require any further information from me.



Cody Murdoch

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