Cover Letter for Custodian in School District

Updated on: February 1, 2021

A cover letter for a School Custodian serves as an introduction of your competencies to the employer. It can be difficult to showcase your potential in a few lines even if you possess the required skills.

The key to helping you do this is to master the art of connecting your skills and expertise with the school custodian job description. A cover letter written after a bit of research on the target organization is far more impressive in comparison to a cover letter written without knowing about the target organization.

To write a cover letter for a custodian at a school, it is also advisable to find out a few things about the school, hiring authority, and job requirements. Have a look at the sample below to get a better idea of the content and structure.

School Custodian Cover Letter Sample

Naomi Cole
418 Plankton Lane
Millbrae, CA 56774
(005) 666-8888
naomi.cole @ email . com

February 1, 2021

Ms. Stella Payton,
Hiring Manager
Millbrae Elementary School District
78 Riverside Avenue
Millbrae, CA 56774

Dear Ms. Payton:

With 10+ years’ experience in custodial tasks accompanied by a great ability to follow instructions and work independently, I would like to apply for the advertised position of school custodian at Millbrae Elementary School District.

Utilizing my passion and skills in sanitation, I performed quality janitorial service that was appreciated by supervisors. I offer the same level of custodial services to your school. My experience in multicultural settings has rendered me able to communicate effectively in Spanish in addition to English. This exposure to cultural diversity could also come in handy at your school since you also cater to students from diverse cultures.

Gifted with traits like flexible personality, sound work ethics, a respectful nature, and a deep understanding of cultural sensitivity, I believe I am exactly the candidate your school needs to fill this position.

Because I feel confident that I qualify for the Custodian position in terms of skills, competencies, and qualifications, I look forward to discussing this in a meeting. I will follow-up on my application by calling your office after a few days. Meanwhile, if you require any documents, have any questions, or need any references, I’ll be available at (000) 666-8888.

Thanking you for your time and consideration.


Naomi Cole