Management Internship Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: April 2, 2022

Are Management Internship cover letters necessary?
Do employers read them?
Are they worth the time and energy they require?

The answer to the above three questions is YES.

A cover letter is even more critical if you are applying for an internship.

For writing a management internship cover letter, here are some rules that must be considered:

  • Showcase your most selling but relevant skills
  • Quote some related achievements
  • Show your dedication and tell them what inspires you
  • Communicate your strengths without bragging
  • Give an insight into your personality; employers like to know what kind of person you are to work with.

Here is a sample cover letter for my Management Internship Resume for your guidance.

Management Internship Cover Letter Example

Olivia Claire
590 Kelvin Sq
Atlanta, GA 56362
(000) 333-1111
[email protected]

April 2, 2022

Daniel Gibson
HR Manager
Morgan Stanley
788 Stanley Street
Atlanta, GA 56362

Dear Mr. Gibson:

I am writing this letter to express interest in your advertised management internship. As a graduate of finance, I have a deep-rooted interest in wealth management and also bring a year of experience as a management internee with one of the leading financial service providers in the Atlanta region.

The following are some highlights of my profile for your consideration:

• Demonstrated ability to maintain an updated and functional knowledge base of contemporary industry management practices through daily business interactions and various assignments.
• Trained in wealth management and facilitating financial service provision to clients as per their requirements.
• Adept at providing strong marketing and sales support to the team.
• Well versed in market research and productive implementation of the results.

Gifted with the ability to grasp the current market trends quickly, I am good at beneficial decision-making regarding product/services forecasting. I am eager to bring exceptional skills in designing, developing, and implementing customer-friendly financial services, managing the same throughout.

If you could use a helping hand in new product pricing and launching, expert assistance in the management of existing products, and facilitation of business expansion and marketing in all possible ways, give me an interview call now. Every minute delayed is a minute of delay in the rejuvenation of business at Morgan and Stanley! I will call your office next week to answer any queries you might have regarding my qualifications and expertise.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Olivia Claire

(000) 333-1111

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