Social Media Intern Job Description

Updated on: May 30, 2019

Position Overview

To work as a social media intern, one has to know the ins and outs of social media, its strategies, and how it fits into a company’s marketing strategy.

As an essential part of the marketing team, they are hired to determine how social media can be made a productive part of a company’s marketing efforts.

Position Requirements

Working as a social media intern requires people to have some related experience, even if it is only on a personal level.

Since most of us use social media quite frequently, it is often not too difficult to look for possible candidates for this position.

However, some formal training in media, marketing, and communications can help one to secure this job.

For the most part, the tasks under this profession are not too complicated.

This is a temporary position which assists interns in understanding how they can eventually work in a similar environment when they apply for a full-time job, and it provides companies with fresh ideas.

All that a social media intern is responsible for in a day is listed below.

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Social Media Intern Job Description

• Create new profiles on social media networks such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

• Confer with the communications and marketing teams to determine the need for social media presence.

• Compile data pertinent to the social media needs of the company and create a plan of action.

• Ensure that the action plan run by the marketing and communications departments for approval

• Upload photographs and videos to social media networks in a bid to create company and product awareness.

• Find users to “like” the business and follow its products and news.

• Provide support in tracking the growth and impact of social media services on the company’s reputation and business.

• Look for new business opportunities online and create feasibility reports.

• Engage in dialogue with members of the social media service by replying to messages and answering questions.

• Provide customers and prospective customers with information on company products and services and relay them to concerned people inside the company.

• Write and post articles and blogs in a bid to create awareness.

• Provide updates on services and products and any exclusive deals that the company may be offering to customers on social media channels.

• Track website statistics and provide management with pertinent information.

• Assist in optimizing web site searches by engaging in SEO activities.

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