Business Analyst Intern Cover Letter

Updated on: June 4, 2019

It is true that every cover letter needs the right amount of effort put into it if you want it to do wonders for your career.

But much more effort needs to be put into one that is aimed at getting you an internship.



The answer is simple.

Your competition for an internship position may be much more than that of a regular one.

Many candidates would want to acquire the same type of experience that you are looking for.



One thing you will have in common with the rest of the candidates for a job is your lack of experience.

But you can easily make it a strong point through a well-written cover letter.

Your choice of words can play a vital role in getting you an interview and eventually, a job.

The following cover letter sample for the position of a business analyst intern can provide you with an example of how you can do this.

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Business Analyst Intern Cover Letter Sample



635 Fairfax Avenue
West Hartford, CT 99822

June 4, 2019

Mr. George Kasem
Manage Human Resources
309 Park Road
West Hartford, CT 87912


Dear Mr. Kesem:

I am interested in a business analyst internship position at Andromeda. The market is abuzz with news of Andromeda’s successful bidding for thirteen projects, and I believe that I can provide you with analysis support and application development and maintenance during this busy time.

During my education, I was especially interested in project planning, coordination, business analysis, and research. This interest has led me to explore the different types of trends that companies in the industry are following and have concluded that Andromeda is the leader. Due to the many mock sessions that I went through as part of my business studies projects, I am now very familiar with analyzing business processes and can quickly sum up information and come up with workable recommendations.

With a keen ability to handle research activities across many projects (that too concurrently), I am confident that I am the perfect choice for this position. My expertise lies in timeline development, resource handling, and project implementation – I have a complete understanding of the several processes that a project has to go through before it can be considered complete.

I am extremely excited at the prospect of beginning work with an industry giant and offer my resume (enclosed) for your review. I anticipate meeting with you soon and discussing this prospect further.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sincere regards,


Jack Lantern

Attached: Resume

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