7 Sample Objectives for Pharmacy Intern Resume

Updated on: August 15, 2020

Internships are grand avenues for acquiring training and college credits. Many colleges and universities require their students to work as interns for some period to complete their degree programs.

Students usually opt for internship programs to learn about the professional world.

Pharmacies, for instance, employ many pre-graduate students as pharmacy interns. Pharmacy interns assist pharmacists in many areas such as medication dispensing, customer services, and stock management.

Unlike many other internship programs, pharmacy internships are intense, to say the least. Interns hired at a pharmacy, need active skills to be able to carry out everyday tasks associated with the pharmacy’s operations.

The primary reason for such a focus on qualifications is the fact that there is no room for errors in this job; medications need to be dispensed in an accurate manner and prescriptions must be verified.

Pharmacy interns read and interpret prescriptions and measure doses and weigh and mix ingredients to fill out prescriptions. They maintain records of orders in pharmacy databases and maintain adequate drug inventories.

If you are a pharmacy student looking for a pharmacy intern position, you may be interested in the following objectives for your pharmacy intern resume.

Pharmacy Intern Resume Objective Examples

1. To obtain a Pharmacy Intern position at Safeway. Bringing excellent educational background and a solid grasp of pharmacy operations to maintain appropriate pharmacy processes following standards of safety and hygiene.

2. To work as a Pharmacy Intern for Sanford Health using extensive knowledge of preparing IV admixtures and oral medications along with maintaining adequate drug supplies.

3. Seeking a Pharmacy Intern position with Virginia Health Co. Offering knowledge of providing operational support to the pharmacist and applying expertise in customer education.

4. Looking for a position as a Pharmacy Intern with Pharmacy Plus utilizing an understanding of safe practices in dispensing medication and performing pre-listing duties.

5. Seeking a position as a Pharmacy Intern at Drugs Inc. using extensive knowledge of filling prescriptions by reviewing medication orders and dishing out accurate doses.

6. Desire a Pharmacy Internship at Sears. Offering a strong educational background in providing drug information to customers and health care professionals along with managing medication dispensing and maintaining appropriate inventory levels.

7. Looking for a position as a Pharmacy Intern at Care Pharmaceuticals. Leveraging in-depth knowledge of performing medication dispensing activities and maintaining customers’ information along with providing drug information in order to educate customers and healthcare professionals.

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