Social Media Intern Job Description Sample

Updated on: September 19, 2021

Social media is ruling the world now – everyone seems to think that he or she is a social media expert.

But simply having knowledge of using Facebook and Twitter is not considered expertise.

As a user, you may be great at using these applications, but when it comes to working as part of a social media team for an organization, you may realize that your skills are not much to write home about.

Many companies hire the services of social media interns to help them handle their digital/electronic media solutions properly.

Social Media Intern Job Qualifications

Requirements to work as social media interns include majors in business, marketing, or communications and a solid understanding of using social media and related web services.

Since a social media intern’s basic work is to highlight the company’s presence in social media, s/he needs to be extremely knowledgeable of the various tools and procedures used in doing this.

Ability to strategize the social media presence of a company is important which is why knowledge of marketing and business is important too.

As a social media intern, you will contribute to website redesigns, monitor blog posts, and forums and handle outreach programs using a variety of social media applications.

You will have to be extremely tech-savvy and possess deep knowledge of social media optimization techniques.

Here is a list of things that you will have to do on a typical workday during your social media internship. This Social Media Intern Job Description Sample will help you build a great resume or cover letter.

Social Media Intern Duties, Tasks, Roles and Responsibilities

• Assist in creating and implementing social media marketing strategies and tactics.

• Handle social media market research activities.

• Collect and analyze marketing data to develop and adjust correlating marketing plans.

• Create presentations and agreements and assemble client activity reports

• Possess a clear understanding of mobile applications, websites, and advertising.

• Handle content creation and management tasks along with planning and executing special events.

• Write and post blogs and articles, handle tweets and updates and upload pictures and videos to create awareness.

• Track the growth and impact of social media on the business and create and submit progress reports.

• Perform research activities to find articles, stories, and resources, relevant to the client base and post links to social media profiles.

• Update social media accounts with activities and events being led by the company.

• Monitor and respond to social media activities on a regular basis and build relationships with new and existing audiences.

• Provide recommendations to clients on how to extend their performance and results.

• Assist in performing social media optimization activities on behalf of the company/client.