9 Insurance Agent/Broker Resume Objective Samples

Updated April 7, 2022
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Insurance agents or brokers perform many tasks similar to those of insurance representatives.

The difference is that insurance agents represent many companies and work independently while insurance representatives are licensed agents.

The primary work of an insurance agent is to solicit business from clients.

By conferring with clients, an insurance agent determines their insurance coverage needs and tries to find a workable insurance coverage solution.

When an insurance agent starts his job, his first job is to look for new clients.

He may do this by using referrals or by participating in community functions.

Once a client base is developed, an insurance agent strives to provide solutions consistently while prospecting for other clients.

There are many different types of insurance agents including commercial insurance agents and health insurance agents.

An insurance broker looking for a position may have to ensure that his resume speaks volumes for his soliciting skills.

Take a look at some examples of resume objectives for this position.

Insurance Agent Resume
Insurance Broker Resume

Sample Objectives for Insurance Agent/Broker Resume

Experienced Insurance Agent Resume Objective Examples

1. Knowledgeable and passionate insurance agent seeking employment at Criterion where my extensive insurance-related experience can be used to provide clients with appropriate insurance coverage.

2. To work for ABC insurance company as an insurance agent. Bringing strong expertise in assessing customers’ needs and educating clients on coverage options. Demonstrated ability to provide pricing, quotations, and requisite information to prospects.

3. Seeking a position as an insurance broker with Famers Insurance Company. Offering entrepreneurial spirit and fearless attitude coupled with a strong insurance solution provision background.

4. Desire to work as an insurance agent for Ender’s Insurance Solutions. Offering strong soliciting and follow-through skills aimed at developing meaningful clientele and offering the best solutions for insurance coverage.

5. To obtain a position as an insurance agent with Bowlers’ where my knowledge of providing relevant insurance solutions and monitoring insurance claims can be utilized to serve the company’s clients efficiently.

Entry Level Insurance Agent Resume Objective Examples

6. Seeking an insurance agent position with Insurance Details where my knowledge of evaluating clients’ insurance needs and developing appropriate coverage plans can be used to maintain the company’s clientele.

7. Looking for an insurance agent position at MediPlus, using my understanding of designing insurance plans as per clients’ budgets and needs and employing expert sales skills.

8. An insurance broker position with Coverage Options. Offering strong skills in identifying and soliciting potential clients, monitoring insurance claims, and responding to clients’ inquiries appropriately.

9. To work as an insurance agent with Clear Coverage using expertise in developing core insurance coverage plans to meet the individual needs of clients.