Insurance Agent Interview Questions & Answers

Updated on: November 5, 2018

An insurance agent interview helps recruiters to judge what you know about the work and how you convince the clients.

Besides, you will be required to answer questions regarding your skills in selling insurance products.

You will be tested on your knowledge and skills regarding insurance policies.

Also, the hiring committee will check your confidence, as well as your persuasive power.

In order to prepare for an insurance agent interview, have a look at the following set of interview questions and answers:



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Insurance Agent Interview Questions & Answers

What skills do you possess that make you an excellent person to hire as an insurance agent?
I possess 6+ years of experience in this role and am well-versed in many areas related to insurance sales. These include knowledge of reaching out to prospective clients and servicing existing ones. I am well-versed in advising clients on retirement planning, and pension plans. Besides, I can help individuals and businesses select appropriate policies for health, life, and properties.

What duties have you performed in the role of an insurance sales agent?
As an insurance sales agent, I performed cold calling, lead generation, policy customization, policy sales, and client follow-up. Additionally, my duties included determining the specific needs of clients, through research of current coverages. I was also responsible for scheduling appointments and converting leads into clients, and obtaining underwriting approval by completing coverage applications.

What has been your most challenging workday so far?
I wouldn’t call it difficult, but yes, I did have a challenging day not too long ago. I was trying to convince a client to obtain a policy. He was keen but did not want to spend too much money on premiums, and almost took his business away! However, I convincingly explained benefits to satisfy him. But the whole process took 5 long hours!

Tell us about your most significant accomplishment.
Last month, I sold insurance coverage to an entire organization of 600 workers, which resulted in me exceeding my targets.

How do you handle the pressure of target deadlines?
I don’t have to deal with the pressure. Because I am well-organized, I plan my targets at the beginning of the year in order to ensure that year-end target meeting is not a problem.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Within the next five years, I hope to be heading a team of insurance sales agents.

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