Insurance Agent Resume Summary

Updated on: April 8, 2018

Resume summaries are notoriously difficult to write, but without writing them, you cannot reach the interview stage. But to reach this stage, you have to possess the ability to edict information in a proper way. What information?

Information about your skills and competencies. Even though it is a bit difficult to remember all the skills off hand, but sitting down and going through them extensively will help you, especially if you make a list.

Once you have all the information at hand, you can link what your skills are to the requirements of the hiring manager. And once a match is made, you can come up with great statements to put in your resume.

A resume summary is a great way of highlighting your specific abilities, as they relate to what the hiring manager has posted in his or her job description. Once this match is done, you are ready to tackle the rest of the resume with great gusto.

While writing a resume summary, you have to make sure that it makes sense. Summaries provide resumes with a direction, allowing them to edict information in an excellent manner. Once a summary has been written, it is easy for candidates to decide what to put into the rest of their resumes.

Here are some summary/profile statements for an insurance agent resume, which you can place on your resume:

Insurance Agent Resume Summary Examples

• Highly experienced insurance agent, with extensive exposure to approaching potential clients by utilizing mailing and phone solicitation, to acquire clients for insurance coverage purposes. Exceptionally well-versed in determining clients’ particular needs, and financial situations, by scheduling fact-finding appointments.

• Insurance agent, with extensive skills in developing core coordinated protection plans by calculating, and quoting rates for immediate coverage action. Effectively able to obtain underwriting approvals, by ensuring that applications for coverage are properly completed.

• Resourceful, service-oriented, and highly experienced insurance agent, with extensive experience in soliciting business from potential clients, and interviewing them to obtain data regarding financial positions, and backbones. Exceptionally well-versed in analyzing clients’ current policies, and suggesting additions or changes to them as needed.

• Highly skilled and resourceful insurance agent, with deep familiarity with customizing insurance programs to the specifics of client needs. Demonstrated expertise in handling policy renewals, and maintaining electronic and paper records.

• Diligent, competent, and qualified individual, with over seven years of working in the insurance arena. Exceptionally talented in developing insurance policies to meet the individual requirements of each client, and assisting in modifying them to ensure that the dynamic needs of the client are met profoundly.