Art Teachers are employed by schools and colleges where they are expected to deliver their knowledge to the classroom. Art has many forms and traditions which is why there are different types of art teachers. Some may specialize in painting, others in sketching and some may just be clay modeling experts.

The basic work of an art teacher is to instruct students in some form of art. They develop art curriculum in accordance to the institute’s procedures and develop lesson plans for instructional purposes. Since art is a talent, most art teachers will want to assess their students to determine which ones have aptitude. Once they know the talent scales of each student, they impart instructions accordingly. Demonstrating methods used in different forms of art and observing students’ progress is all in a day’s work for art teachers. Since art history is an important part of art education, art teachers plan trips to museums and art galleries as part of their instructional endeavors.

When preparing a resume for an art teacher’s position, it is important for a candidate to ensure that his or her objective is compelling to grab the attention of recruiter.

Sample Objectives for Art Teacher Resume

• Seeking a position as an Art Teacher at the Michigan College of Arts using expertise in providing a climate conducive to learning the different facets of art through positive instruction

• Desire a position as an Art Teacher with Craft Credentials. Offering proficiency in helping students learn art subject matters effectively through theory and providing them with demonstrations to build up on theories

• To obtain a position as an Art Teacher with Union County Public School. Offering creative techniques in drawing and painting activities to assist students in understanding elements of design

• To work as an Art Teacher for Woodhouse Elementary School imparting students with knowledge in sync with modern principles of art and design

• Looking for an Art Teacher position with Sava Public School using knowledge of fundamental approaches to drawing and painting in order to assist students with their coursework

• Seeking an Art Teacher position at Columbus High School using keen interaction abilities to cater to the needs of students with varying artistic talents

• Desire an Art Teacher position with North Carolina Public Schools. Bringing expertise in developing art curriculum and providing instruction support by accommodating a variety of instructional activities aimed at teaching the wonders of art

• Looking for a position as an Art Teacher with Ascend School of Art where I can provide students with the benefit of my knowledge of the many fascinating aspects of art