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Insurance Appraiser Resume Sample

What an insurance appraiser’s resume looks like at first glance decides the future of the applicant. For instance, a resume that is difficult to read will not be read – it is as simple as that. Of course, one that is easy to navigate and possesses important information regarding an insurance appraiser’s ability to handle… Read More »

Insurance Appraiser Cover Letter Sample

The first thing that you must do before writing a cover letter for an insurance appraiser position is to find out what the recruiter wants. If you have worked in this capacity before, you will know the work. But it is essential to figure out the exact needs of a hiring manager. Once you have… Read More »

Insurance Agent Resume Summary

Resume summaries are notoriously difficult to write, but without writing them, you cannot reach the interview stage. But to reach this stage, you have to possess the ability to edict information in a proper way. What information? Information about your skills and competencies. Even though it is a bit difficult to remember all the skills… Read More »

Life Insurance Underwriter Cover Letter Sample

Having written a dozen cover letters before is no guarantee that the one which you write now will be accepted. In fact, it is often difficult to write the perfect cover letter – experience in writing one is no benchmark. It is often misunderstood that cover letters are about an individual’s experience. In actuality, a… Read More »

Life Insurance Underwriter Job Description

Position Overview A life insurance underwriter is hired by insurance companies that sell life insurance, to assist decision makers in figuring out if an insurance coverage request rings true, and is eligible. These individuals are required to be exceptionally talented in analyzing different situations and coming up with viable solutions, which means that not everyone… Read More »

Claims Representative Resume Sample

A Claims representative position primarily deals with investigating the claim made by clients by following specific claims procedures logically. This includes reviewing details and facts, interviewing the person of interest, and then making a decision based upon the approval and denial of a specific case for further in-depth assessment. This position is also concerned with… Read More »

9 Insurance Agent Resume Objective Samples

Insurance agents or brokers perform many tasks similar to those of insurance representatives. The difference is that insurance agents represent many companies and work independently while insurance representatives are licensed agents. The primary work of an insurance agent is to solicit business from clients. By conferring with clients, an insurance agent determines their insurance coverage… Read More »

Health Insurance Specialist Resume Sample

Insurance provides us with a great peace of mind especially in the event of an illness or an accident. However, most of us do not review our insurance contracts carefully which is why it can become quite difficult to understand the coverage we are provided with. This is where health insurance specialists help us by… Read More »