Insurance Sales Agent Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: October 2, 2016


Interviews must not be taken with a pinch of salt. They are serious business. They can make or break you where careers are concerned. It is imperative to understand that once you are at this stage, there is no stage further. And if you have reached this stage, it just means that you did a great job in convincing the employer that you are a viable candidate to hire.

Once you go through the following set of interview questions and answers, you can deem your preparation more than half done:


Insurance Sales Agent Interview Questions and Answers

As an insurance sales agent, what have been your prime duties in the past?
As an insurance agent, I have been responsible for assessing clients’ individual insurance coverage requirements and providing them with suitable coverage plans. Additionally, my work has involved assisting clients in understanding risks and coverage options, along with providing them with insight into their rights and benefits of each policy.

What specific skills do you believe are required to work as an insurance sales agent?
One has to be people oriented if one wants to work as an insurance sales agent. Other skills that one requires to work at this position include the ability to analyze situations and provide solutions accordingly. Since most of the time, an insurance sales agent is working with clients directly, communication and interpersonal skills are an absolute necessity.

What do you know about DND lists? How do you use them in your work?
DND lists or Do Not Disturb lists are provided to each insurance agent to ensure that the numbers listed are never called. These numbers belong to people who do not wish to be approached by cold callers from any industry, and it is our responsibility to respect their wishes. Whenever I perform cold calling activities, I make sure that I keep the DND list in front of me so that I do not end up calling on a number that is listed in it.

What is the most asked question that you come across when dealing with clients?
Mostly, people inquire about their death benefits. This is a constant, especially in clients who have a family that they are worried about.

And the least asked question will be?
Maturity. Not many clients are interested in how much they will benefit when their policy matures once the term is over. I try whatever I can to make them understand that insurance coverage is best taken advantage of when their policy matures.

What specific work duties do you have after you have sold a policy?
Once the policy is sold, it is my responsibility to make sure that the premium is paid on time. I also have to handle the paperwork included with each policy and educate clients on how the whole thing works. Following up with clients and providing them with answers to their questions regarding policy maturation, and added benefits and riders is also my duty.