Hotel Concierge Resume Objectives | 7 Examples

Updated on: July 12, 2020

How to Write an Objective Statement on a Hotel Concierge Resume?

A Hotel Concierge resume objective should be concise, compelling, and specific to the prospective company. The average length of a resume objective is one to two sentences.

Make sure the statement is specific regarding what you offer and what you seek. This means you have to mention the name of the exact position you seek and have to work out the right skills and qualifications you offer.

The following are some examples of hotel concierge resume objectives.

7 Sample Objectives for Hotel Concierge Resume

1. Highly-energetic, and proactive individual, looking for a Hotel Concierge position at Comfort Inn. Offers excellent skills in customer relationship building and maintenance. Proficient in facilitating guests and answering their queries. Committed to the provision of high-quality hospitality services.

2. Resourceful and enthusiastic hotel concierge seeking a challenging position at GENA Hotel and resort. Leveraging 5+ years of experience in the hospitality industry. Adept at providing accurate information to guests, ensuring their individual needs are catered for and schedule guided tours of the vicinity. 

3. Upbeat, courteous, and customer-friendly professional seeking a hotel concierge position at the Hyatt Group. Record of greeting incoming guests, facilitating them in settling-in, and making travel and sightseeing arrangements.

4. An extroverted and multitalented Hotel Concierge with 5+ years’ track record. Exceptional skills in making guest booking arrangements, guestrooms’ management, and VIP guest protocol. Interested in the position of hotel concierge with the YSL Hotel.

5. Seeking a job opportunity at Hills Dale Hotel in the capacity of Concierge where proven skills in customer dealing, travel guiding and catering for special guest needs could be utilized effectively.

6. To obtain a hotel concierge position with ABC Company. Bringing 10+ years of hands-on experience along with a solid track record of developing long-term cordial business relationships with guests. Particularly effective in making travel and sightseeing arrangements on behalf of incoming tourists.

7. Interested in a hotel concierge position with Three Star Hotels and resorts. Well versed in planning special events, providing information about the local features of the area, and giving accurate driving directions to drivers accompanying guests.

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