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40 Concierge Interview Questions and Answers

Working at the forefront of a hotel or a residential building is challenging because one gets to be the first point of contact. At the concierge interview, candidates are specifically tested on their ability to provide excellent tier-1 services. The recruiter will ask questions to gauge their knowledge of providing high-quality services to clients. Some… Read More »

Concierge Job Description for Resume

Concierge Position Overview Concierges work as an extension to the front desk in hotels. They serve as a liaison between guests and hotel services, making it easy for the former to obtain services and understand directions within the hotel. In hotels, concierges are the first point of contact that guests have. They may be welcomed… Read More »

Hotel Concierge Job Description for Resume

“Concierge” is a French word that means “keeper of the keys.” Concierges were initially being hired to hand out keys when guests checked into hotels, and this is how they became the first point of contact automatically. Bringing this tradition forward, concierges now handle many duties in the modern hospitality world. The work of a… Read More »

Best Cover Letter for Residential Concierge Position

Similar to hotel concierges, residential concierges handle the needs of the residents within a community. They do this by responding to telephone calls and emails and sometimes in person. Candidates who have a hospitality background can work as successful residential concierges as they have the necessary experience. When writing a cover letter to obtain a… Read More »

Entry Level Concierge Resume With No Experience

A concierge works in hospitality and corporate settings. They act as a primary information source for the Hotel or apartment building. Moreover, they provide particular help and information regarding hotel services and local area attractions to customers. Workable resume templates for Concierge positions are a bit tough to find since there is a lot of information… Read More »