Hotel Concierge Job Description for Resume

Updated on: April 8, 2022

“Concierge” is a French word that means “keeper of the keys.” Concierges were initially being hired to hand out keys when guests checked into hotels, and this is how they became the first point of contact automatically.

Bringing this tradition forward, concierges now handle many duties in the modern hospitality world.

The work of a hotel concierge is service-oriented – hotel concierges greet guests, provide them with hotel services information, and assist them during their stay.

Since their work is primarily “customer services,” they need to possess pleasant personalities with some knowledge of how the hospitality world works.

Since hotel concierges are the first people guests meet, they need to possess in-depth knowledge of the services of the hotel, which may include information about in-house shows, spa services availability, and transportation.

For many hotels, concierges become the “face,” so it is essential to be friendly and helpful.

For most guests, the first person they see is considered the most important, so the provision of excellent customer services is of the utmost importance here!

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Sample Job Description for Hotel Concierge Resume

• Greet guests and visitors as they approach the front desk

• Inquire into guests’ need for information or assistance

• Provide information regarding hotel services and local features

• Make reservations for dining, spa services, and travel for hotel guests

• Ensure that guests’ luggage is received and delivered to their rooms

• Provide guests with information about local events and sightseeing areas and make travel arrangements for guests

• Make dinner reservations, map out directions, and book tours on guests’ instructions

• Serve as a liaison between guests and other departments to ensure guest satisfaction

• Handle airline reservations and ticket purchasing activities on behalf of guests

• Ensure that guests’ dry cleaning needs are taken care of

• Book restaurant tables for guests and handle any special requests effectively

• Make sure that guests’ hotel experience is personalized by ensuring the provision of warm and sincere first-tier guest services

• Identify guests’ personal preferences by indulging in conversation with them

• Arrange for package delivery and pick up services for guests

• Ensure that the guest database is updated on a regular basis

• Maintain a neat and organized front desk

• Coordinate the efforts of front desk employees to ensure the provision of exceptional services

• Answer guests’ questions promptly and ensure that any complaints regarding services are handled effectively

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