Concierge Job Description for Resume

Updated on: July 11, 2021
Concierge Position Overview

Concierges work as an extension to the front desk in hotels. They serve as a liaison between guests and hotel services, making it easy for the former to obtain services and understand directions within the hotel.

In hotels, concierges are the first point of contact that guests have. They may be welcomed by a concierge as they enter the hotel and it is the concierge who will tell them how to obtain reservation information and help them check into their rooms.

In some hotels, the term “concierge” is used interchangeably with “front desk agent” making the work of either more or less the same – which in actuality is not too far from the truth.

Each day in the work-life of a concierge is different as there are different guests to attend to and different events to handle. A concierge may recommend places to eat, provide directions to sightseers and ensure that any additional housekeeping needs of guests are serviced.

Sample Job Description for Concierge Resume

• Greet guests as they arrive at the hotel and inquire into how they would like to be assisted.
• Provide information to guests or visitors regarding reservations and hotel services and ensure that they are being serviced by the right staff member.
• Answer telephone calls and provide callers with information on services and room availability.
• Reserve rooms and ensure that callers are provided with tariff and tax information.
• Receive packages and ensure that they are delivered to the right guests or staff members.
• Maintain accurate key control logs and ensure that coffee bars are properly stocked.
• Activate or deactivate remotes or keys for guests checking in and checking out.
• Provide guests with information on valet and housekeeping services and ensure that additional housekeeping requests are fulfilled.
• Follow up on maintenance requests to ensure guest satisfaction.
• Monitor lobby activity and CCTV cameras to ensure that no untoward incident takes place.
• Provide information on events taking place inside the hotel and ensure that any queries for event bookings are escalated to managers.
• Log and store lost and found items and ascertain that verifications are made before items are handed over to claimants.

Concierge Education & Skills Requirements

Concierges have to possess a high school diploma or a GED if they want to be considered good options for hiring. Since they have to be in constant contact with guests, they need to be pleasant at all times to ensure the delivery of exceptional guest services.