Flight Attendant Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: June 22, 2019

Getting to the flight attendant interview stage is a big feat.

The amount of effort that goes into creating resumes and cover letters to sell your skills is immense, and a sense of achievement is gained when you find out that your effort landed you an interview.


However, the interview stage is the toughest. An interview means direct contact with an employer – something that we have not faced up till now.

There is immense stress, and this pressure can often make us answer questions in a manner not quite the way they should be answered!

What can we do to reduce this stress?

We can be prepared! Believe it or not, preparation can take off most of the edge of an interview because of the confidence that it gives us.


We can choose how well we do at an interview, so it is better to be prepared than be too sure of our ability to give the right answers!

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Here is a set of sample interview questions and possible answers for flight attendant position.


Flight Attendant Interview Questions and Answers

Tell me about yourself?

I am a graduate of Saint Mary’s High School, Ohio, and have taken vocational training to become a flight attendant from the Cabin Crew Training Institute.

I have worked at different Airlines for six years. I am a friendly person and generally get along well with other people. I have always enjoyed good terms with my manager, colleagues, and guests.

What are the primary duties of a flight attendant?

A flight attendant is generally responsible for greeting passengers, settling them in their seats, providing guidance and assistance as and when required, serving snacks, meals and drinks and ensuring the in-flight Federal Aviation guidelines are being adhered to.

Why do you believe that flight attendant is an essential part of the airline industry?

Many people tend to think that flight attendants are to serve passengers only. In actuality, there is much more to a flight attendant’s work than merely serving food and beverages to passengers.

Flight attendants ensure order in the cabin, assist distressed passengers and ensure the safety and comfort of passengers during a flight.

What skills are necessary to work successfully as a flight attendant?

The first and foremost skill that a flight attendant should have is the ability to provide excellent customer services.

He or she must be able to remain calm during distressing situations and have the ability to communicate well with passengers, fellow flight attendants, and pilots.

What traits qualify you to become a flight attendant?

I am a people’s person, very social, patient, and a good problem-solver.

What makes you feel that you are an excellent contender to work as a flight attendant to represent our company?

As someone aware of the systems of both short and long haul flights, I believe that the amalgamation of expertise in both is what makes me a good contender for this job.

I am dedicated to providing high-quality services to passengers while ensuring their safety and well-being throughout the flight.

How do you deal with adversities where passengers are concerned? Give us an example.

Dealing with unruly passengers, especially when the plane in the air is one of the most challenging things to do! I try to keep my calm and explain the rules to unruly passengers who usually works!

There was an incident when a passenger refused to put his seatbelt on despite terrible turbulence. I had no choice but to provide him with an ultimatum of making an emergency landing at the nearest airport and handing him over to the authorities for disrupting the flight.

If you ever came across a situation in which you saw a passenger being deliberately rude to another flight attendant, how would you handle it?

I would intervene. This is because it is evident that the passenger is annoyed with the flight attendant (with or without fault) and my intervention may calm him down.

How do you feel about spending each work day in a potentially dangerous environment?

My love for traveling and getting to know people from different backgrounds is stronger than my fear of the unknown.

I believe that what has to happen will happen. I do not think about negative things associated with this work because the wonder attached to it is much more exciting!

How would you handle a seat dispute among two passengers?

Being a vigilant flight attendant, I usually guide the passengers on the aisle, so no such dispute arises in the first place.

If it does, however, arise I immediately resolve the problem by checking their tickets and determining which seat belongs to whom.

In case a client requests a change in the seat due to a particular problem like a phobia, I try my best to fulfill their request if the other passengers are willing to swap seat.

What is the most enjoyable part of this job?

For me, the thrill of traveling and meeting new people on a daily basis are the most enjoyable aspects of working as a flight attendant.

Share a difficult situation you had to face and how you handled it?

Last year, a flight was delayed, and the crew had very little time at the airport to refresh the supplies. Some entertainment supplies and equipment was short due to that. It was a particularly tricky flight because the passengers were demanding the equipment and material we did not have. I managed by explaining the problem politely to agitated customers and encouraging them to share.

How would you handle a passenger who is asking for too much liquor or is not following basic in-flight rules?

I would politely explain the rules first. If the problem persists, I will take the necessary action to ensure the safety of all passengers on board as per the airline safety policy.

Are you good at working in a team or alone?

I enjoy teamwork and generally perform better if working with a team. I am, however, equally good at working independently if required.

What are your hobbies?

My pastime activities are soccer and Volley Ball. Also, I enjoy cooking and inviting guests over whenever I have the time.

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