Restaurant Hostess Resume Sample and Format

Updated on: July 9, 2020

There is no denying the fact that well-crafted resumes for restaurant hostess position set you apart from your competitors.

That said, even if you are a qualified hostess, your chances of employment can be reduced significantly if your resume is not up to the mark.

Resume Formats for Restaurant Hostess

You can choose from the following types of Restaurant Hostess resume formats, depending on your individual experience and skills:

1- Chronological

It contains your experiences in reverse chronological order. This type of resume works best when your work, experience, and education relate directly to the job that you are applying for.

2- Skills-Based/Functional

This format works best when you are trying to change your career path or where you have less or no experience in hand.

3- Combination/Hybrid

This is an amalgamation of the skills and chronological resume. A hybrid resume provides employers with easily identifiable skills of the candidate, along with their experiences.

Here is a resume sample for the position of a restaurant hostess written on the combination format.

Sample Resume for a Restaurant Hostess

Brittany Cole
468 W 114th Street, New York, NY 36782
(000) 124-4545
[email protected]

 Restaurant Hostess

Energetic and highly motivated professional with extensive experience in working at a tier-one position within the foodservice industry. History of customers requesting my service as a hostess when making bookings. Works collaboratively to maximize guests’ satisfaction. Appreciated by many patrons in google reviews.


  1. Demonstrated skills in making customer-oriented food and wine recommendations.
  2. Committed to providing top quality service to ensure recurring business opportunities.
  3. Familiar with handling food preparation techniques.
  4. A unique ability to infuse hostess and serving work successfully.
  5. Complete know-how of menu items, ingredients, and serving times.

– Customer service and Communication 
– Food and beverage service
– Food preparation
– Buffet management
– Complaint handling
– Bar management
– Restaurant cleanliness
– Menu planning
– Supplies inventory

• Infused 15 Italian dishes into an existing menu, thereby, increasing the customer base by 55%.
• Increased children’s interest in the restaurant by developing a “children friendly” menu.
• Retained 82 restaurant patrons following exceptional first-tier services.
• Suggested addition of “organic food items” in the menu, which increased the number of health-conscious customers at the restaurant.


Restaurant Hostess
InterContinental Hotel, New York, NY
6/2017 – Present
• Serve 100+ patrons per day during lunch and dinner.
• Work collaboratively with a team of 20+ servers and waiters.
• Welcome patrons as they enter the restaurants and ask if they have reservations.
• Verify reservations and make them comfortable in the waiting area until their tables are free.
• Lead customers to reserved tables and provide them with menus
• Provide customers with information on special dishes and the chef’s special of the day.
• Respond to questions asked regarding menu items, ingredients and preparation times.
• Take and repeat food and beverage orders to ensure accuracy.
• Relay orders to the kitchen area and instruct servers to serve water and beverages.
• Follow up on orders, ensure portion control, and deliver orders to tables.

Denny’s, New York, NY 
5/2014 – 6/2017
• Assisted servers in serving food platters to customers.
• Ensured that customers were served their orders accurately.
• Provided customers with bills and assist them through the payment procedure.
• Ensured the cleanliness of tables.
• Kept a record of supplies and condiments inventory.

Hyatt, New York, NY
1/2012 – 5/2014
• Assisted waiters in taking and recording orders.
• Relayed orders to the kitchen areas and followed up on customers’ orders.
• Poured water and refilled drinks.
• Cleaned all tables, chairs, and surrounding areas.
• Served food to customers after ensuring appropriate portions.
• Inquired if customers would like to order additional items from the menu.
• Cleaned tabletops and cleared soiled dishes.

Danton High School, New York, NY – 2009

• POS System
• MS Word and Excel

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