Entry Level Restaurant Host Resume No Experience

Selection criteria for positions in the food service industry is quite stringent. Customer loyalty is very important and employers make sure that they only hire people who are anything but ordinary. The need for exceptional customer services is high, so it stands to reason that employers examine resumes that they receive very harshly. Even a resume for an entry level host position will be scrutinized deeply.

Keeping this in mind, we must pay special attention to our resumes. The content has to be strong and the format has to be just right. Lack of experience is no indication of lack of talent so building up on what you know about the food service and hospitality industry is very important, even if you are applying for a position for which you have no experience. Writing a resume is a mean feat and needs constant concentration from the writer. One wrong sentence or even a small typo can kill your chances at being chosen.

Remember that through your resume for a restaurant host position, you are being judged for what you have not even done yet. Employers are often not concerned about experience when they hire people at the entry level – lack of experience is a given – but they are very concerned about how much you know about food service and its application. Here is an example of a restaurant host resume who has no experience:


Entry Level Restaurant Host Resume No Experience


Horton Green

100 Cambridge Drive ● Henrico, VA 62827 ● (000) 147-9999 ● hortongreen @ email . com

PROFILE: Service-oriented individual with exceptional knowhow of acting as the personal representation of the overall service and hospitality of staff. Motivated, resourceful and inspired to create a comfortable and customer-oriented environment for restaurant patrons.

• Demonstrated knowledge of seating patrons by using the seating chart
• Extensive knowhow of monitoring restaurant activities to determine dining flow
• Particularly effective in responding to patrons’ inquiries in accordance to restaurant policies
• Well-versed in suggesting menu items according to each patron’s individual tastes


• Tier-one service• Hospitality• Teamwork
• Maintenance work• Suggestive selling• Food and beverage
• Dining room setup• Buffet management• Conflict resolution

Diploma: St. Peters’ High School, Henrico, VA – 2014


St, Peter’s High School, Henrico, VA | Summer 2014
Cafeteria Assistant
• Took orders from students and packed their lunches or set them up in trays
• Delivered order trays to tables and ensured that each student’s credit stub is punched
• Assisted in creating cafeteria menu in accordance to nutritional needs of a varied student body
• Cleaned and sanitized tables, chairs and counters
• Prepared food items keeping in mind food safety measures
• Handled food and supplies inventory and ensured that anything low in stock is procured timely

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