Top 6 Hospitality Resume Summary Examples

Updated on: April 5, 2022

Hotels and restaurants need to hire many employees to make sure that they are known in the industry for their hospitality services.

This includes hiring housekeepers, front desk officers, and guest relation managers, all of who work to ensure one thing – total guest satisfaction.

During their hunt for appropriate employees to fit the bill, employers look at a lot of things.

Since the first job application document that they receive is the resume, they look for information that will be specific to the industry. This is usually found in the first part of the resume – the summary.

Resume summaries have the potential to keep hiring managers interested in what the rest of the resume has to say.

A relevant resume summary can make a huge difference in how a hiring manager will perceive a prospective employee. This is why resume writing experts insist that every applicant writes a compelling summary.

Coming back to positions in the hospitality industry, your resume summary has to be of brilliant quality.

And that is only possible if you spend a good bit of time on it.

Summaries need to include three basic things – the applicant’s skills and qualifications and how these skills can be useful to the employer.

Here is a list of resume summaries that you can put on your hospitality resume, depending on which position you are applying for in the hospitality industry:

Hospitality Resume Summary Examples

1. Customer service-oriented hospitality professional with over 15 years of experience in handling guest relations tasks. Proficient in providing a positive first contact experience by efficiently determining the guests’ needs and fulfilling them promptly.

2. Hotel front desk officer with demonstrated expertise in registering guests, allotting rooms, and accommodating special requests Adept at verifying guests’ payment methods and leading them through payment procedures in a smooth manner.

3. A conscientious and detail-oriented guest relations officer who is known for providing excellent customer services. Focused on providing the best in hospitality services to ensure recurring business opportunities through complete customer satisfaction.

4. A responsible, hardworking, and versatile individual with eight years of housekeeping experience in busy hospitality settings. Skilled in handling cleaning and sanitizing work in guestrooms, bathrooms, hallways, sitting areas, offices, and kitchens, along with proficiency in using and maintaining specialized cleaning and maintenance equipment.

5. Energetic hostess with a 7+ years’ track record of providing hospitality services to multicultural patrons. Known for aesthetically setting tables and accurately taking orders. A forward-thinker who has a demonstrated ability to meet the guests’ needs continually.

6. Housekeeper with hands-on experience in managing cleaning and maintenance work within a hotel environment. Well-versed in using and maintaining motorized cleaning equipment to ensure a constantly clean and sterile environment.